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EMF Hub motor final sale!

EMF presents the Last sale that will be held before shipping starts at the start of next month.

All parts have been finalised and finished and we have know started packaging motors. We have spend a lot of time making this a beautiful product that every one will want to get there hands on. We have custom front and back wheels that both match both in size and color.

We have finalised another 30 kits and are ready to sell them for a great price of $299 +shipping This includes every thing in the below photos but you have the choice of black or orange wheels and black and or raw trucks.

<img src="/uploads/db1493/original/2X/3/302622892c7f821cc9f6e73d36d52aa3e22edc6e.JPG" width=“690”


Very nice work Jacob! Love the packaging! What does EMF stand for? Also, those prices are in USD right?

Yes in USD.

The EMF stands for electric motor force

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Thanks. Good luck with it. I’m sure you will get a lot of buyers.

i hope so coz these custom wheels and boxes and such cost a lot to get going.

Really looking forward to receiving mine - the wait since April is killing me :slight_smile:
They look great :thumbsup:


@jacobbloy. Are the hub motors that we ordered a while
Back going to be black? Because it looks sick

How much is shipping to the USA

They look very tidy boxed up like that. If we’ve ordered one set already could we perhaps buy another set and piggyback on the shipping of the original?

Sweet! can’t wait to get mine!!!


These look epic!!

Shipping will be double as it is calculated on weight sorry!

Flat rate shipping!

No worries. Extremely reasonable anyhow!

I think I’m setting the default package to black on black, I guess until I run out of stock of black trucks!

the sooner we sell them the sooner we will ship them!

So I’m gonna make an offer to my first in line customers. Let me know if you want your motors shipped today! T/C I want to see an un boxing thread and video and a ride video asap


Is there a reason why one would NOT want the motors to be shipped?

I would love to get these ship today!

I also would love them shipped today! Can I get the orange wheels?