EMF / Jacob hub motor polyurethane development

Hi! I found this on eBay and thought you might like it! Check it out now: http://r.ebay.com/GV9wC8

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The sun came out but it was still a little wet here is a quick video of the 100mm

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Faster https://youtu.be/wzbBnpHJy40

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i didn’t see anywhere that this changed.

I’ll clarify everything now and refund you the money.

The sale includes everything listed on the PayPal invoice.

My intention was to keep the price affordable despite having to add 16 stainless steel rods and many other components to the urethane wheel to make the design work from the first version which didn’t include all the additional hardware.

I can’t also include the wheels in the front at this point

Guys here is the rear $89 setup. PM me if you want a set.

The 97mm clones for the front are $28 bucks for 4 on eBay.


Guys I bought enough materials to build 5 sets of these. One person has bought a set and it’s shipping today. No one else wants this?


Are different colours avaible?

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No im making them in black only. Big and black so you don’t go back


Well, i could need an orange Set -.-"

As soon as it gets copied in China I’m sure they will get it to you for $5.

But they might copy it wrong and … well you know how it goes

I’m new to all this, so sorry for the noob question, but how do these wheels differ from standard ones? What issue do they solve?

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The community experienced some urethane deformation or slipping with the original design . depending on riding conditions and user preferences some requested bigger wheels that offered a smoother ride and no wheel slip.

I came up with the design up there with the help of many individuals including engineers from Gallangher who offered their insight on the design.


Shipping all over the world will be $24 bucks extra.

If you need a gift declaration just ask

So basically outside the USA it’s 89 +24= 113


Hey man where do I get the motors if I knew I would try these

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There are members on here that would sell you the motors. I don’t deal with motor sales there are plenty of these motors available.

Also if any of you who sell motors want to buy these wheels in bulk reach out.

I can do 5 sets totaling 10 wheels for $350.

I’m a bit confused , the threaded studs protruding from your board… does the wheel plate go there? I’m interested in the wheels but can figure out the finale product :upside_down_face:

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The plate goes on the inside the outside face will have the rods protruding out only 1/8" and that’s just for casting purposes so they stay in place.

You can Dremel it off so its flush or put spikes on it for a death race look.

How do I order a set for the rear?

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Pm me your email I’ll send you the invoice . Let me know if your in the US or international .