eMtb and Vanguard Built

Hello There

I’m located in the nyc area and will like to share some pictures of my builds.

First of all, glad to see all the interest on the eBoard movement and to see sites like this and endless-sphere.com share so much knowledge and promote this wonderfull captivating and intoxicated passtime that we all enjoy.

my first Built eMTB MBS Pro 95 , in it’s second iteration:

-Retaliation Mountainboard MB Pro95

-HobbyKing Sk3 6374 192Kv 2750 W

-Dual TB 12S ESC

-12S2P 30C Lipo Battery 15000 mAh

-65T / 12T #25 Sprockets #25 Chain.

-TB 2.4Ghz Receiver and transmitter

-Custom aluminium Motor mount

-Adapted UK Dry box as Battery enclosure

-Wattmeter and anti-spark XT-90 loop key

-18 Miles Range and speed up to 40 Mph.

The Discharge wires are run under the binding and grip tape using flat wire 10AWG equivalent.

This board is amazing to ride on any surface make NYC streets feel like silk and off road operation is impressive, massive torque and acceleration superb can tackle any hill with ease and super fun doing power slides :slight_smile:

This is a screenshot of the log from Stava app on my way to the Bronx from New Rochelle

The second Built

-Vanguard Loaded Deck 41" Flex 1

-Dual TB Motor mount

-Dual TB 12S ESC, with custom made ABS enclosure and cooling fans.

-Dual Motors 6355 230kv 2650W

-Custom 44T 5m HTD 15mm wide pulley and 16T 5n HTD 15mm wide pulley.

-62T 5m HTD 15mm wide belt.

-Custom made ABS Battery enclosure, integrated lipo savers with on/off switch.

-12S4P 30C Lipo Battery 8000 mAh, with voltage configuration switch to use on 6S and 12S

-Anti-spark XT-90 loop key.

-MBS all terrain wheels 107mm ( http://atomlongboards.com/accessories-481/mbs-all-terrain-longboard-wheels.html )

Due to temperature coming back to normal ( Cool ) in the northeast have not tested the range but the speed is on the north of 45 mph. i’ll be switching the bushing to improve stability at high speed and will try to max it out. attached is a screenshot of a test run using Strava app.

so Range and max speed TBD.

This board is really nice, in love with the flex of the deck. the wheels can run over little chiguaguas and not even notice it, just a little hard on the rough surfaces, coming from pneumatics is understandable :-).

i’ll post some videos (now that i have a Gopro) :slight_smile: when the temperature allow it.


very sweet!

More pics of your custom motor mount would be awesome too :wink:

I’m sure there are people on here who’d love to see how you made it.

the mount for the eMTB just use a 2-1/2 " 3/16 steel flat bar and bolted to the brake holes to make a base and attached to this bolt a pair of arm made of Aluminum Angle 6061-T6 Structural 6" (A) x 3.5" (B) x 0.313 (t) cut in 2.5 inches long

can get it on this link http://store.buymetal.com/aluminum/angle/6061-t6/aluminum-angle-6061-t6-structural-6-3.5-0.313.html

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Great idea putting that reflective tape on your motors!!! I may borrow that idea. How do those MBS skate wheels feel?

Nice ,Go for it !!

p.s. I borrowed the idea of the series to parallel DPDT switch on my second built from your old threat on endless-sphere :wink:


I really like the reflective stuff you put on the motor barrel


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how does the 42 inch vangaurd deck feel? im in downtown chicago and im building a board with a 38 in deck. Originally i ordered the 42 but was too big in my opinion… now i kinda regret it haha

@barajabali the deck really nice plenty of room for my stance

What flex is the board? Does it work fine to have components mounted over the middle? Trying to do some research of sensitive it will really be in the end on my flex 3 board.

@massy The board is flex one

For the battery enclosure what I did was to fix the bolts closer to the front truck, because the displacement of the deck in this area can be neglected and for the 2 bolts by the motor side of the enclosure I just tight then enoug to hold the enclosure in place but to allow for a small displacement of the. For this I use threat lock.

This can be seen on some of the pics , the hole for those bolts are a little bit long.

call me crazy but i just see that battery box tearing apart eventually. What kind of wear are you seeing on the box’s bolt holes? the battery case is bridging what looks like a serious flex point.

The wear is intentionally to allow for displacement of the box due to the flex.

I’ll update in the future about the enclosure.

@longhairedboy Read the comment just before your comment. :slight_smile:

yeah i guess the comments didn’t make much sense to me so i got more specific in my question. Keeping the bolts loose is going to allow sliding, which is your intention, but what i’m interested in is if you have seen any tearing as the bolts reach their maximum slide position as determined by the box’s bolt holes.

I’m doing something similar on my current prototype as an experiment where the box bridges the flex point but because of the bolt pattern the box itself is allowed to flex slightly outward. as the deck bends downward. I’m not leaving any bolts loose to allow sliding, however. Just allowing the center of the box to flex outward slightly. I have experienced no irregular wear around the bolt holes.

Which is why i was asking specifically about your wear patterns on your box around the bolt holes.

Hi there I have not seen any sing of wear on the bolt holes, the wear around the bolt on the pic is intensional for the box to move.

The bolt are not loose on the motor side, they are adjusted enoug to allow horizontal displacement only and I use threat lock for them not to become loose.

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Them wheels on the second board! Gotta get me a set of those!

the reason i’m so interested in this (other than being interested in what everyone posts in general because i love this scene) is because i’m actually attempting a build on a 38" vanguard flex 1 for a friend of mine. Its an informal complete i’m doing as a favor.

you don’t want to know what i’m going to do to the space cell to get it into a more boosted like layout, but it’s going to happen. i hope everyone here likes battery porn.


i love your wheels but MBS is all sold out till next month…

@Kaly what trucks are you using? 11"?


Paris Truck Co. V2 50 Degree 195mm Hi Black / Black Longboard Trucks - 11" Axle (Set of 2)

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