eMTB / AT Build OBEY

Well been working on tuning and modifying this board and feel it is now dialed in.

Parts List:

Trucks - Ground Industries Deck - Ground Industries Wheels - 2 sets MBS Rockstar (one for slicks, one for nobbies) Tyres - Kenda 200x50 Motors - TB 6374 190kv VESC - Focbox Battery - 10s5p Enclosure - full welded aluminum Heatsink - bolted through enclosure to Focbox’s

I am currently running slicks with 16x72 gearing with 15mm belts. The low-end is real strong and pulls hard…had to tune the throttle curve because of so much torque. The board tops at about 31 MPH and is very stable. The board is made tough and is ridden hard in all weather…

image image image image

YES ALL CONDITIONS - This is not a display piece. image


Hi, were did you buy the mounts for those trucks? I am looking into the different decks option for MTB and that one looks good.


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