eMTB Hub Motors?

Hey eMTB and eSK8 dudes!!

So I’m gonna take my kicker to some spots this weekend where there are a couple of rails to see how the board holds up. I’m pretty sure it’ll be great - especially board slides but I’m terrified about smashing my DD drive system into the rail performing a standard 50-50 grind.

@nowind have you had anyone try this yet? How did the parts hold up?

This kind of got me thinking. Now don’t get me wrong I LOOOOOOOOOOVE my current setup - it’s so far industructable and @nowind is building the best quality products available. But, how well would a hub motor work? It works amazingly well on the Raptor 2 and I know @onloop has stress tested the hell out of it! And having ridden a couple of Jase’s prototypes I know how solid those axles are - it’d take a lot to snap one.

This sent me on the typical google, alibaba etc spiral of searching for ready made parts and I came across this particular set up on DHgate:

Product here:


The trucks look very similar in design to the Trampa Vertigo trucks but I’m sure they’re made out of crappy diecast material and the block fastening scares the shit out of me - I don’t see how that could hold up to the type of abuse I wanna give these things!!! But it has peaked my interest so I’ve emailed the seller to ask them how strong they reckon these are and whether they need anyone to help test them!!! :wink:

I also came across some other really cool sites that make hubs like this one:


They have some beautiful parts.

And also this seller on Alibaba who has his scooter hub motors fully submerged (check out the vid in the images):

Has anyone else been down this path yet and started thinking about eMTB with hubs?? Would love to see if anyone has progressed this search and found anything decent. Obviously the advantages of a fully waterproof hub that cannot be damaged by rails, curbs, rocks etc and the free rooling would be perfect this an eMTB!

Surely this has to be the future for these bad boys and the fact that we have such a huge wheel to hide shit in surely lends itself to a super powerful kickass hub??

Here’s a pic of me in my old snopark in the UK which I miss dearly :sob:

Lol - I’m still rocking that helmet!!! :sweat_smile:


I totally believe in eSk8 and destroy :slight_smile: if it breaks it breaks just make sure the enjoyment is there so you feel the dead part served you well :wink:

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YESSSSS!!! Love that idea! Though I love to have my board working and every time I break it I can’t ride :sob: I think I need to build a test board that I can keep destroying. If only I had an eSk8 destruction money tree in my garden :deciduous_tree:

I bought a meepo and deck swapped onto a nice size 80’s deck for this exact use case :slight_smile: its taken much more punishment than I expected


LOVE IT!! Now that’s a REAL electric skateboard - battered bruised and bloodied!

I’m surpirsed this thread didn’t get more bites. Still not heard back from the seller ref these parts and I’ve struggled to find anything else similar yet. Is there a reason no one is exploring hub technology for off road pheumatics? Seems like the most logical solution to me to create a sealed unit for offroad.

If anyone does stumble across this thread let me know your thoughts and if you’ve found anything intersting in this space.

Saw this some time back. No idea how it turned out though. Lots of questions about it in the comments, but no replies.

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Damn…I remember seeing this and was excited at the time. Shame he didn’t get back to people…that’s the sort of thing I’m thinking of for sure! I defo don’t want the weight of 4wd though!! :smile:

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