eMTB ... INRUNNER ... bad Idea ? !?

Got my hands on some big bad Inrunners :

compared to SK3-6374

weight from Dymond 6374

weight from 56114


First Test will come with : MAX6 -8S - 7Inch - 1:5 gearing… 50MPH :sunglasses:



Curious to see what kind of torque you get outta that :scream:


Awesome man I’ve been thinking of inrunners because outrunners collect a lot of dirt. Also @MoeStooge has one if the quickest and fastest boards out there and he uses inrunners.


Best thing is you don’t have to worry about spinning cans eating up your loose wiring lol


Always pushing to the next level, love it :heart_eyes:

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I had this idea in mind for quite some time now… I had a crazy idea to put these inside an axle/hanger and with some planetary gear transmission but not enough time for these experiments :confused:

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Would a single drive 56114 be good for a street board? How’s hill climbing at that KV?

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Leave them for e-foil :slight_smile: You are crazy! (in a good way :slight_smile: )


The right stuff. SSS motors can make just about any thing you can dream up. @Titoxd10001 I can hook a brother up👍


Dude… are you really planning on going 50mph on this thing? :flushed:

Haha its only capable of 50mph with this setup… i dont wanna ride that fast Wanna test with this setup how good the unsensored startup is, and how a Inrunner holds up with an Outrunner… If this will be nice i would like to find a way to gear it much more down and go with 12S and Encoder…


looks cool bro… Beastly there are some nice 56/57-112/114mm inrunners out there. Cool find, all the low kv motors I found were rated for crazy super high voltage. those long cans will suck up some major amps! how many poles and slots are they running?

Yeah they call crazy high voltage for that SSS … about 100Volt max Input :fearful:

I have to check for slots and poles… maybe you can see here ???

Cheers Jenso


Yo dude! what’s with the planetary gear drive looking thing in the middle of the last pic, have you got a gear reduction on it? sic dude… Looks like you have 18 slots (less cogging than 12), I can’t tell the number of poles. The magnets are wound to the shaft under the kevlar/dyneema synthetic fibre. Most are 4 pole although you can get 2, 6 and the occasional 8. How many W are they?

Eagle Eyes Dude :sweat_smile:

Thats a planetary gear which i wanna use in my eFoil build… with the SSS Motor also

This are the specs of the SSS56114

  • BL Motor 56114

  • 6 poliger Rotor, armiert

  • 390KV (upm / Volt)

  • max. 45000 upm

  • d= 56 mm x l= 114 mm

  • LK 30 mm / M4

  • Welle 10 mm x 30 mm

  • max. 102 Ampere

  • max. 118 Volt

  • 13000 Watt

  • 1180 g


What a beast :smiley: Well… I better get my hands on some (hopefully 4) of these :3 :smiley: 4WD FTW!

Yeah use 4 of them sound like the license to fly :smiling_imp:

Better get some soon, i think the request will rise with more and more efoil builds :wink:

how many volts are you going to run it at? if v x a = w 50.4v (12s) x 102a = 5140.8w

so 6p18n or 6 pole 18 slot…

If i could get it on 12S it would be very nice … but i need a very good gearing with this high KV

First Test with 8S :

Not BAD imo, ridicoulus high kv… maybe less cogging then a APS-240kv on same gearing/battery setup

Dreaming from 12S - VESC6 - Encoder :sunglasses:


digging the snow-camo suit of the last few vids dude! :sunglasses: motors look looong… where do you go to buy the encoder chip, can we get that from you?