eMTB ... INRUNNER ... bad Idea ? !?

Great job, monster torque! Maby this Inrunner thing will catch on and someone some day will start developing a high amp 12s electronic delivery system that would mirror vesc functions that can handle a high kv high amp inrunner. Welcome to higher efficiency, more torque, cooler temps and reliability. We can’t have our cake and eat it to yet, but we can see it and smell it. Be the master over your throttle cause that Inrunner beast will dump you on your ass!! Once again Great Job!!


Which encoder are you going to be using? The as5047?

I bought from Mouser… have some left if someone need

@MoeStooge Like you enthusiastic ! Will test this with Vesc6, should be able to handle the erpm

Yea its the AS5047

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Like a vesc6? :wink: Joking aside, I saw on hackaday that someone was developing an esc based in the vesc that could work with 600v and 600amps, definitely overkill for an esk8 though

Overkill? Nah, fuck that. Who doesnt want a board with 360000 watts? :sweat_smile:

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The ones put in the hospital from 3600watt boards :joy: Also it would probably be a very large esc

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360000 watts switched by DRV8302, nothing can go wrong, these chips never fail, everyone knows that.


Yea… Those drv’s is made like a tank. Bulletproof all the way :joy:

But Thats enought off topic, Sorry @nowind :joy:

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How were you regulating temps? Or not long enough to go beyond a thermal limit?

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Gearbox from Reisenauer. Motor Chief specifically.

@Nowind Is it possible to use inner gear with those inrunners?


Yes (-; :sunglasses:

I see where this is going, nice work as always

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eFoil build? You have so much crazy builds going on. Is there a thread? :joy:

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@mikenyc Its in the early beginning… collecting parts for the build. @Giga The forum is great, dont have a build log actually

Wait what le fuck?

Not totally on Topic,… but here is a inrunner-gear option from teh German forum !!



This is from Bruce Lee, precision from Switzerland :+1: But he dont use this with an inrunner…