Looking to make an electric mountain board to add to the quiver so would consider all parts. I think i’m ok for motors and focboxes so looking for the mechanical parts. What have you got???

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Er, yeah. Thanks for that. There is a train of thought though, this being the wanted section that someone might be thinking about selling something but not advertised it? I don’t think the search function extends to everyones garage or workshop?

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Was about to write that)

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check out my bro @Nowind - he’s the guy to get in touch with if you want a dope quality system.

I have seen his stuff it’s out of hand. Really smart stuff. Was hoping for someone to have something covered in dust that they keep stubbing their toe on and would be keen to get rid of it! Just to get me started. I might now be set up with a basic board board but I know where to go when I need to take this to another level…

if that can help, I got few mounts remaining shipped from Paris that I did two years ago. ISO4B - 60T