eMTB stuttering, need help tweaking

Dual motors wont fix what sounds like an electrical problem in one motor. It will feel exactly the same with dual motors. Have you taken it outside yet?

give it a kick start, then throttle to see if the thudding sound is still happening.

Oh than I would recommend a tensioner if its a problem with the belt

Strange. When set to FOC the nunchuk doesn’t produce any input (the progress bar Display stays 50%) whereas when set to BLDC the nunchuk works fine.

You gotta run detection for FOC if you want to use it. Also be careful applying throttle to non-moving motors. Large current on a stalled motor will kill it and /or the VESC.

@Jinra I did run detection for FOC.

And thanks, yeah. I’m careful about that. I’ve learned my lesson with other motors in other projects.

@edit I cannot get the hall sensor detection to ever work, though. Is that required for FOC setup to be complete?

Hm, not sure then. I have zero experience with using a nunchuck based control mode

Yup same here, I cant help you. Ive only ever used the GT2B :grin:

Not meaning to hijack the thread with this random question, but without looking at my profile, how old would you guys guess I am? @Jinra @bmcm

Haha, I know your true age, but you’re right in that you come across older. So if that’s what you’re going for, good job :slight_smile: And thanks for the help.

Haha darn! Ive gotten mixed results with people not taking me seriously because I’m so much younger than most everyone on here. That said, I’m no supergenius, just your average highschool freshman with hopes of being an electrical engineer one day.

Looks like my drive pulley is also badly out of alignment with the wheel. I had a suspicion, but looking at the belt moving the way it is, it’s definitely wrong. Probably contributing to the issue I’m getting while moving.

MY EYES!!! All though ive just been blinded by that horrible sight, that should not be the main cause of your problem. It definetly contributes to your start up problem because It puts a crazy amount of stress on the belt which makes it incredibly hard for the motor to spin, I discovered this well tensioning my belt the other day. So please for the love of god get that straightened out and report back

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Yea you should definitely fix that before running it on the belt again, it can be a pain to get just right.

@GrecoMan uhh, 17?

Haha @Jinra I’m only 13, the goal is to make people realise that just because I’m younger than them doesn’t mean I’m not trustworthy.