Enclosure 11"x8"x2"

Hey guys, im looking for an ABS enclosure on that size (11x8x2). Can anyone hook me up? I’d rather not have to rebuild my vacuum table just for this.

@psychotiller @longhairedboy ?

This is more of a PM rather than a post.

@barajabali im asking anyone, just added who i could think of the top of my head.

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Gonna have to be long-haired boy. 2" tall enclosures are goofy looking and problematic to make.

can confirm, i have a 2" tall enclosure now but it looks weird.

i needed it though because didn’t know how else to fit a 2-cell high 12s4p pack.

Doesn’t look too weird on my board. I’ve got 100mm wheels too, so clearance is not an issue. But i agree, is a bit taller than normal.

Thing is i have to fit this bad boys inside:


your mom’s goofy looking and problematic to make.

i don’t make 2" enclosures. I make 4cm enclosures that are




Your face. And your mom. Wait, i said your mom already. So… Your face.


Hahah! Those look realy nice! I like how the steep front/back angle makes it look “slim”

Unfortunately they’re shaped to conform to my decks specifically, so @psychotiller’s right, they would be goofy looking on a regular concave.

and sorry about the mom stuff dave. PSYCHE. Your mom.


Seems ill be making a new low profile vacuum table tonight.

i really need to get into that game. i’ve had a few failed attempts, mostly due to my size and space requirements vs what’s available.

Just like LHB’s moms black pants!!

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Problem is, you need to have some sidewall angle to get a vacuum formed shape to release. If you want a 2" tall enclosure it’ll have to be too narrow at the top of the mold to be wide enough for components, Or the alternative, too wide at the flange or base of the enclosure to fit on any deck. 8" wide x 2" tall are really goofy dimensions.

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Check the pictures i uploaded, that’s the mold ill try to use.

I have Aluminum one.


How much would shipping to the USA. I am always looking doe enclosures.

international shipping depends on size and weight. what dimensions you need?

What about something like this? From memory the outside of the enclosure without the flange is something like 320mm, 150mm and 50-55mm tall. Uk based though.

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Sorry, can not make this kind.

I can though!

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