Enclosure carbon

Hi Question i’m Doing my enclosure and I want to do 2 liner of fiberglass and one carbon for the finish but I hear the carbon make some problem for the connection remove It is true? Ps my deck is wood and 2 liner fiber carbon Thank you

If you put carbon all around the antenna it won’t work. If its just the enclosure mounted to the wooden deck its fine. If i understand correctly your deck is also carbon and you want a carbon enclosure so no, not good. There will definitely be interferences with the signal.

If you have a reciever with an external antenna you could make a small hole in the enclosure for the antenna to stick out.

I have a wood deck and carbon enclosure, no problems with remote connection. FYI you’ll probably want more than one layer of carbon. I do one layer of fiberglass and three layers of carbon fiber with another layer of carbon fiber strips to reinforce the area where the mounting screws will go.

But the problem is also my deck have 3 liner of carbon

What you need to do is make the receiver antenna stick out of the enclosure

I use the nano X :sunglasses:

My receiver/antenna is inside my carbon enclosure. Two years with no issues at all with my gt2b or nano-x.


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Ooo cool your deck is carbon fiber to or no is look like no Bc the problem is my deck get also 3 liner of carbon Thank you

Check out @whitepony several of his builds have carbon fiber reinforced deck with carbon fiber enclosures.

Nope. It’s a wood deck. But on my Raptor 1 (Carbon fiber deck) I didn’t have any issues with either remote.

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Carbon fiber deck Plus the carbon enclosure and you use the remote Nano X and no problem correct? Bc this will be a good new for me