Enclosure Design Feedback

Hey guys, I just got into 3D design, I’ve been using 123D Design and it’s been super easy to get into. My plan is to 3D print a mold that I can then use to vacuum form some ABS plastic. I just wanted to get some feedback and see if anyone had some advice/critisim.

Here are the designs:

Enclosure #1:

Enclosure #2:

Enclosure #3:

I don’t have any feedback on your enclosures, but there’s something you need to be aware of. 3D Prints wont work for vacuum forming (unless you’re planning on using something that has a glass transition temp of over 200C. When you apply your hot abs to the mold, the mold will get past that glass transition temp and deform.

Trust me, i made this mistake and had to move to the CNC and make the mold out of wood.

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Was about to say the same thing. Hot ABS sheet + 3D printed parts as a mold is not a great experience.

You could 3d print the enclosure and make a mold from plaster and vac that.

Ahhh, that does make sense… Thanks for letting me know otherwise I totally would have gone through with it :sweat_smile:

Hopefully I can borrow my schools CNC, the plaster idea is a good one too.

wood covered in blue painters tape and baby powder works like a charm for vacuum forming :slight_smile:

If not I’m going to be down to my inlaws during Thanksgiving weekend and my CNC router is in their garage. I can cut it and send it to you if you need.