Enclosure Design Question / Feedback

Hi everyone, I’m not exactly new to this forum as I read way more than I post but first of I’d like to say thanks! The information here is great and most people seem more than willing to help.

Im designing an modular expandable enclosure and i’m running into a bit of a rut and I need your experiences. Basically I have 2 choices I can make.

#1 Currently, the enclosure is similar to the Mellow Drive layout. The enclosure is cantelievered off the trucks so it eliminates any drilling. This allows me to do quick deck swaps. Pros: Quick deck swaps, easy to install, compatible with most decks, no drilling, I get to experience the full flex of the deck . Cons: fairly thick (2.1"), might need extra risers, can’t be too long fits maximum 10s3p, rides high

#2 This is the alternative design. Make it thinner and span the whole deck and drill holes through deck. Similar to the Raptor 2 enclosure. Pros: Thinner 1.5", more versitle for electronics, rides lower (lower centre of gravity) Cons: Drill holes through deck, stiffens up the deck a lot more.

Im just wondering what you guys think? #1 or #2?

So here is the #1 version. I haven’t made a plate to canteliever and tie the truck holes to the enclosure (similar to a Mellow Drive) but that’s pretty easy once I figure this last part out.

The enclosure is layered so I can expand or contract as I see fit. It uses a t slot extrusion design to slide in new enclosure pieces and to mount electronics neatly inside. The model deck I’m using is a bit narrow so it doesn’t sit right, but enough for demonstration.

I do like this idea. Could also be good if each segment was designed to nicely hold 2 packs of 18650. Increasing your pack size would be as simple as adding one more segment each time you can afford more cells :slight_smile:

what is considered 1 pack?

im my mind 1pack is 1 parallel group, but i cant guarantee that is a universal thing. So for example adding 1 segment with 2 packs might take you from 8s to 10s. I would expect each pack to contain 3 or 4 cells so maybe a segment would have 8 cells in a 2s4p configuration.

Ah i see. I think the only worry is even if you can add packs that the BMS would be need to swapped out as well.

I would go against the cantilever idea. Mainly because you will have reallllyyyyyyy powerful vibrations on the structure. Gotta make it stiff = heavy in weight or massive in size depending on materials used.

If you are swapping decks… still gotta undo the screws for the trucks… so why not just undo a few more for the enclosure…eh?

finally had time to post up some pics and document where I am at using t slot extrusion + 3d print to make a versatile enclosure. I plan on side mounting handles as well as lights to it. it opens a lot of possibilities.

let me know what you guys think IMG_20180418_205915IMG_20180127_152455(1)IMG_20180127_151500(1)