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I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread where people can market their enclosures. There are a ton of good ones out there right now and I know there are certain users on the forum, like @MasterCho, @Dunkirk and several others that build them. However, it seems to be hard to find their original threads, or any other new ones, like @bigben that will be starting to sell theirs.

Here is a place to list off any enclosure sellers or give suggestions on where to buy a good looking enclosure. The purpose of this thread is not to say how to make one, because there are many focused on that, but I am personally looking to buy a good looking one for another build I am doing and have had a hard time rounding up my options. I’m sure this will be helpful to many!



Vanguard 10s4p and vesc enclosures Never summer reaper 10s and 12s enclosures

I think…that’s right

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Look at psychotiller.com, @psychotiller makes tons of different dimensions and all if them are solid as a rock. I’ve bought 10 from him in the last year or so.


Look here for several enclosures and a good lead on custom enclosures.



+1 to psychos enclosures. rock solid. and he’ll do custom cutouts and things like that


@psychotiller, what material do you typically use for your enclosures?

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Nm. Says clearly on your link ABS. Sorry haha DERP. :upside_down:




Cheers @ShutterShock. Yep I’m making some from fibreglass. I’ve got a few different shapes and am making more all the time. If you have an idea of something different I can either adapt an existing or sometimes make a new mould if it is interesting. The main one I started with is the one I made for a landyachtz 9 two 5. This was to fit a 10s4p, large bms and two vescs. It’s shaped to the w concave of the board and will fit a range of decks with rubber strip. Internal measurements are 545mm x 145mm x 40mm.

I’ve also made another one suiting a flatter deck. I made deeper shorter one too which may suit some applications and an even shorter version which I used on my kids board. . I’m in the process of making a slimline version of my first enclosure that should suit a 10s4p but with a smaller bms. It will measure 30mm deep instead of 40mm. I’m UK based and have found shipping options to US and Australia that are very reasonable.


I have to



Pretty cool if you are using lipos or double rowed(in height) 18650’s. Where’s all the gardeners with their seed trays? :joy:

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I was honestly wondering the same thing, I was hoping someone would post a link haha

The IKEA one is interesting though for sure


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