Enclosure fixing bolt

I’ve been using wooden inserts into my decks and fixing enclosures to the decks with m6 button heads. I’ve had no problems with this but have been thinking about using a dab of light thread locker now the settings are getting a little more stable… I’ve heard about some having problems with smaller m4 fixings and this got me thinking. I remember setting up a set of telemark skis a long time ago with some bolts that had a machined grove in it with nylon in to stop it rotating. I think these could be pretty ideal if they could be found in the correct size. In fact, as I’ve been writing this its got me thinking about the most obvious use of something like this, snowboard binding bolts. I’ve set up hundreds of the things and its just dawned on me. Anyone know where they could be found?

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Contact them? https://www.ndindustries.com/products/nd-nas-ms-fasteners/

I am going to do the rounds and ask some local fastener places to see if they can come up with something. I saw the company that you linked but the website is nearly illegible.

Very interesting. Seems to be custom-made therefore I don’t think you’ll find any in local places. I will check my sources (I have 2 awesome right next to me) but quick search on their web pages came up empty.

Long-Lok also has some.

Major problem with the threaded inserts is that they are terribly made. Not really precision threads, I have had issues with enclosure bolts unscrewing and even falling off.

Right now I’m using a nord-lock washer in-between the bolt head and enclosure and it is working wonders. I have yet to see a bolt move (have it marked with metallic marker :)). So if you don’t feel like turning the Internets upside-down for these bolts, take a look at Nord-Lock.

I love mcmaster.

Also, nordlock washers: If you’re in the US.

Darnit darnit

@bigben what did you end up doing here. I’m having this issue now myself.


This company do a massive range. This link should send you to a pre loctited screw. All sizes and lengths available.

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https://www.pro-bolt.com/ If you want to get all fancy pants.

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Which have you had luck with?

These are obviously quite pricey compared to other options. I stole the idea of titanium tapered wheel nuts from @Toughook on his build:


Mine are on the way.

I also got stainless steel button heads for my enclosure using m5 wood inserts.

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It’s the pre loctited enclosure screws that work well.

Those bolts are great. Definitely good for an extra 5mph :wink::joy::joy:

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