Enclosure for a 2x 5S 5000mah Lipo on a shortboard

I’m thinking of going with a 2x 5S 5000mah Lipo for my shortboard build (~16" wheelbase). Anyone have a similar setup? Which enclosure did you go with?

Actually IKEA has this thing that’s not a skateboard enclosure but it’s PERFECT for a shortboard lipo build. I don’t know what it’s even called

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When I built my first board with 2x 5s Lipos I used a psychotiller flagship enclosure. The new flagship v2 might be a bit long though. He makes many sizes and can do custom for you as well. Very good quality abs enclosures.


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This is the IKEA thing I was talking about.

325mm (12.8") x 166mm x 58mm exterior dimensions


Nice! Do you think 12” is enough for two 5S 5000mah Lipos, a dual ESC and BMS?

Besides the fact that I don’t know what this thing is called, if you measure the lipos I will tell you if they fit. I know where I got it from

you now post it under every topic where a enclosure is needed? Don´t you just want to create your own threat and speak about your product?

I have a vac formed enclosure that might work for you. I have a mold for an enclosure with internal dimensions 1.5"x10"x5.5".

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Those dimensions sound right. Is it used? How much are you looking to get for it?

Normally its $50 an enclosure, but since this one is smaller I can do $40. Price includes US shipping.

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I haven’t made a small enclosure yet, but I already have the mold made. You can see it in this thread.