Enclosure layout with dual Vescs

I have a 21in Wheel Base. My enclosure is 15in to compensate for the wheel wells. My battery should be 6in x 12.2in. This only leaves me with 2.8in x 6in in space for 2 Vescs.

Is there a problem with mounting vescs too close together? (I plan on using rubber foam to separate eveything and avoid shorts and vibration.) Can you bend the vescs at the capacitors? The first image shows vescs being installed sideways, like computer RAM.

That’s gonna be a little rocket eh?

Don’t imagin youb will taking this on super hard rides…so ventilation is not a big issue I would assume …

Why not bend the capacitors at 90 degrees? Sound like a good idea with the cushion

You can mount your VESC’s any way they fit. Sideways, flat, at an angle… As long as your enclosure is tall enough, you can mount them sideways. Just remember you still need space for your receiver.

And Flux capacitor :wink:


I heard VESC v6.0 is going to have the Flux Capacitors built in. Should save some space and make re-entry a little less rocky.


I know I think I over did it! This forum upsells me everytime I look at it.

I only wanted it for short rides in the city 20mph max.

You should reduce the size of your battery if you only need 20mph max. You could probably get that with 8s1p The Lifepo4’s have very high discharge rate. I think its 70a? That would free up enough room for you to mount the Vesc’s with a little room around them for heat dissipation. Besides you need room for a BMS and receiver. And you need to have room for the heavy wires coming off both ends of the Vesc’s Less cells, less $$$ more room. Are buying a ready made battery or building your own?

I bought one from diyelectricskateboard. Still waiting for it. Carvon recommended a 12s battery for duals 2.5’s. This is my first esk8 and I figured its better to go too big than too go too small. Besides, I might like the extra power… who knows.

Ok, I didn’t realize you where using hub motors

IMO the current cap setup is better because there’s less chance of the cap wires breaking off from vibration than there is if the caps are soldered directly to the pcb like other Esc’s

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