Enclosure needed!

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a new enclosure. Dimensions are approximately 500mm x 180mm.

Is anyone able to vacuum form me one or supply one? UK based is preferred.

Thanks, Daniel

@bigben maybe he has some

Thanks @moon. 180mm wide is pretty wide. What decks and packs are you going to be using?

@bigben I’m using the db Freeride DT 38" deck with 3/4 LiPo batteries currently (single FOCBOX).

@egzplicit used this enclosure in his build but I was hoping someone could do it in the UK. https://store7570530.ecwid.com/#!/Akku-Box-aus-ABS/p/77922661/category=15842017

I thought I’d need it wider because of the LiPo batteries. My current enclosure which is a metal tin has the same internal diameter, although it’s not as long.

Side note - I just want something that fits the deck nicely. I’ll eventually be changing to 30Q batteries but not until after Christmas.

Hi, is that the board that egzplicit used in his build? If it is. He has one of my enclosures kicking around and you could ask him if it is anywhere near fitting?

fullsizeoutput_aa7 Like one of these.

I do have that enclosure :heart_eyes: but it won’t fit that specific deck, it’s about 2 cm too long if I remember correctly.

I have a similar build and I ended up buying a sheet of aluminium and bending it to fit my deck as I wasn’t able to find a wide enough enclosure. Here’s a pic



@bigben are you able to make any a couple cm smaller? I think 500mm x 180mm is about right with a 20mm lip around the outside for mounting.

To clarify that’s 500mm internal length by 180mm internal width by 35mm(ish?) internal height.

@egzplicit what’s your opinion on this?

Thanks, Daniel

I’ve got an old tool tray on there at the moment which is made of aluminum but it doesn’t look right. Yours looks perfect though!

I don’t have anything that’s is that wide.

What’s the closest you have? Those measurements aren’t gospel. Just after something that looks a little smarter than the current setup.