ENCLOSURE question

Hello all, This is my 1st post here so hope its in the right place… My battery size is 30L20W4H (CM) and I cant find the right enclosure to close it. Does anyone can recommend something? Tnx in advance.

Hey Kin , can u share a picture of your board :smiley:

Check out psychotiller.com. He can also make custom ones for you if you message him.

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thank you, I’ll check with him

20cm is pretty wide. What is the battery configuration?

10s4p… the guy that is doing it for me told me its gonna be either this way or 40L 8.5W… so I prefered to make it shorter… hope its not a big mistake…

More normal width for a battery like that is 140mm wide. That’s why you may find trouble sourcing an enclosure. I’ve made one enclosure that is wide like that but it’s very deck specific for the Earthwing Supermodel.

I have this one… :slight_smile: Earthwing superglider…

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image This is the one for the supermodel.

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looking good! where I can get one? do u know what is the price?