Enclosure setup / tape / vibration dampening / wires / best practices

Hi All This is my first build and I’ve been lurking for a few months on this very useful forum. I haven’t done my official build email but will do that soon. Below is a picture of the current wiring and setup. I’ve labeled the picture hoping people can share some thoughts on specifics, especially in regards to heat shrink and electrical tape. Thanks in advance !

1 XT90. Does this need electrical tape and/or heat shrink around it?

2 Engine wires to VESC. Same question as above.

3+4 These are the wires (black and red) from the battery to the BMS and charging port. I’ve been told they cannot touch. So I’m thinking both get electrical tape and shrink wrap and then I will place them away from each other inside the enclosure. Thoughts?

5 Was going to apply a little hot glue so this battery gauge connection doesn’t come loose.

Last general question; I’m planning to tape the battery down to the yoga mat pad then placing add’l padding/sponge/neoprene all over the place.

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tapes are always good idea and hot glue, we have couple of people got fire on their board due to vibration and loose connection.

for 2 it is not mandatory but i recommend, single shrink wraps sometimes peels off as it rub against the board and loose springs is easy to happen when riding.

I tape, and hot glue for any connections. especially small ones (like balance wire)will just snap off and dangle around. u def want for 4.

For every wiring connection ideally the best is to use heat shrink. I almost blew up my vesc because I didn’t separate the wires from each other, and it short circuited. Tape works to but it’s a bit annoying to put on after you solder something.

how many cc is your engine?


Torque-board 6374 190KV

that’s called a motor, not an engine

(I was making a joke)