Enclosure without screws

Hey guys,

I wanna attach some kind of enclosure to my board, without making holes in the deck. I also wanna be able to switch out the enclosure for a maybe smaller one.

Whats the best way to go about that … Hot glue?


Maybe you could try Velcro straps like you find on some types of sandals. It’s not exactly pretty, but it’s probably the best way to avoid permanently altering your board with holes or glue.

Due to the vibration, you will need a fixed mounting system. Screws, bolts, strong magnets.

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For me, the velcro straps couldnt hold the components when riding on course asphalt. Too much vibration.

Hey thanks for the answers! Velcro straps also dont look so good cause they go all around the deck …

@feliler So what did you end up doing?

Screws. tnuts,nuts and bolts, or wood screws are the only way to attach your enclosure securely. There are already at least 8 holes in your deck. Didn’t hurt it at all to drill those holes right?

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haha i know its the most common and obviously best way to do it, but i made this post to maybe find a viable alternative :slight_smile:

Let us all know if you find one. The whole industry will be interested. :joy:


Unfortunately, there isn’t another way. You can use threaded inserts in the board if you want a good looking setup.

You may want to look into super strong neodymium magnets. I don’t think many people have used them but there’s been discussion about them in the past.


I tried it, but it didn’t work because ultimately the magnets are only as strong as the glue holding them and glue fails with road vibration.

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If you could somehow put the magnets between the laminates in the deck and form them into your enclosure it would be a different story.

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how about putting the magnets in the deck and then a layer of Fiberglass on the bottom of the deck. Then add the magnets inside the enclosure with epoxy?

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With proper planning though, Installing all of your program ports and charge leads to the enclosure, you never need to remove your enclosure anyway.

Exactly! Well, until you blow a vesc lol

pfft! Who blows vescs?!

Lmao right?? who would do such a thing!

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I use tape for now lol. But i think a good solution can be to fasten T-nuts to the deck.

Couldn’t you just use flathead skateboard hardware? Or is it not strong enough (for bigger batteries / builds)?

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