Enclosures for Trampa HS11 and 35° HOLYPRO


I have 3 prototype enclosures for sale





The housing is very capacious In the enclosure can be mounted:

  • 20700 12S4P battery pack
  • 2x ESC FlipSky 6.6
  • BMS with a width of 70mm


Price for black enclosure - 70 Euro (2 pieces available) Price for gray enclosure - 60 Euro (1 piece available)

I designed the enclosure for the board I built




What material is it?

It’s ABS .

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slightly off topic but what 20700 cells would you recommend to go with that?

You think it’s wide enough to fit 10 18650 in one row?

@Wraith I used SANYO NCR20700B 4250mAh. I did not find better 20700 batteries at a similar price

@Andy87 In a few hours I will send a drawing with dimensions


Do you plan to sell more ?

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I do not know, maybe… :thinking:

I’m waiting for Trampa to start selling HS11 again :slight_smile:

Perhaps I will design a similar enclosure for Urban deck

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They don’t produce the hs11 anymore. Looks like they will also not come back to it…sadly. But it’s not a big deal to cover the holes on the holy pro.

What you think about strength compaired ABS and fiberglass for enclosure?

@Andy87 I did not do comparative tests :slight_smile:

I think that Kaly uses enclosures made of ABS and rather no problems


Chambers 1, 2 and 3 have the same dimensions


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awesome built.!. any review on using it during ride? still available? :wink:

@janpirate Yes, but I have only one black and one gray

I built the board for a friend, so I did not ride on this board for too long :slight_smile:

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alright then. will ask friends if they interested :wink:

@garseng weh hang tgk enclosure ni… mana tau ada bdk mau…

I’d Be interested In buying that Black enclosure, impressive that this is still up fro grabs tbh.

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Anything can can fit 10s5p with evolve BMS n ESC They r much smaller than all other ESC


I designed the enclosures for:

  • 20700 12S4P battery pack
  • 2x ESC FlipSky 6.6
  • BMS with a width of 70mm

Perhaps the 10S5P packet will fit if several batteries are transferred to the 4th chamber You have to design the distribution of elements yourself

Dimensions of the chambers in the drawing below Chambers 1, 2 and 3 have the same dimensions


Please don’t forget you have a trampa carve. This enclosure is for a holy pro. That’s a different deck.

might be a long shot, but are any of these still available?