Enclosures for Trampa HS11 and 35° HOLYPRO

I sold everything

Such a shame no one makes this for the trampa carve.

Im slowly starting to regret my past decisions :frowning:

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Turns out I won’t need if you want it…let me know

I’m prototyping one for the carve now. image


Oh My! I need this in my life :slight_smile: sign me up. put me on the list. Im ready.


I have this laying at home :slight_smile: (holypro only) image


I vote for another run I these awesome looking enclosure lol


What’s the asking?

Mark one down as sold!!

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Any enclosures left?

No, I sold all of them

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I have one of his that I don’t need same price +shipping from spain

Thanks pal so does Andy, I may come back to you if shipping is a problem

Could you please link me to a good BMS for this battery setup?


do you have plans to make any more?

yes but in July

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anyupdates on these

@ Dk1985 Unfortunately, I did not have time for that :confused: