Enclosures - Good sources?


If aluminum enclosures aren’t a good option, why do @torqueboards and @onloop continue to stock them?

Wouldn’t you if you had some? I wouldn’t think they would just throw them away or sit on them either…But at least they’re honest and are telling customers that ABS is a better option right?

I guess I didn’t take account a few things. I would assume they’d sell off their stock first. I’ll definitely get an abs enclosure through everyone’s recommendations.

Definitely have a look at my thread on making a vacuum forming setup. Maybe you could make one yourself. Or if you decide you want me to make you one let me know! I can get make you one pretty quick for the MultiStars and twin VESC’s.

Alum cases would be ok if we design a special mold. Then we can get a custom extrusion that is suitable for the purpose we want.

Otherwise the little screws that come with them can be problematic. In the end I was using red thread lock to keep them in place. But very hard to open again.

So to summarise. Aluminium can work but needs to be fully custom. Just like everything we make for eboards. Custom is king.

Yeah, they are old stock which is why they are still there. Aluminum is much bulkier and rigid. They are also much harder to open if you plan on swapping out packs.

Plastic is more forgiving and is a bit more durable for our application.

I just tried to make some clear enclosures but failed miserably BOOOO! Not going to happen.

What is this? Looks sleek. Is it space compatible?

I just made this for @zool774. it’s dimensions are 475mm x146mm x 30mm.

I don’t want to spend money on a vacuum seal and an oven, could you make me one? I can send dimensions that u could use a wooden block for, I just need a simple rectangular prism, pretty small too. Here are the batteries i use, http://www.ebay.com/itm/172630688902


If you are located in EU, I can sell you some as well. https://pwrboards.com/collections/parts/products/pwr-box

I need those 5 inch wheels.

hey @psychotiller can you make me two enclosures i can send you extra info if you are interested at all


Just pm him lol

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what battery do you think would work for these two?

BLDC Belt Motor 6374 190KV 3250W

Dual FSESC4.20 100A (Based on VESC ) with Anodized Aluminum Heatsink