Enclosures in Europe

Hey guys,

I am looking for a shop in europe that has enclosures with enough space for a 8s3p liion with bestech bms and focbox :slight_smile: any suggestions?


What sort of board do you have? I have some here. (UK) https://www.instagram.com/bbenclosures/ You’ll possibly be looking for something a bit smaller?

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My board is a long island pin tail long board:

As you can see the tupperware and electronics could use an upgrade :wink:


What are the dims of the batteries and bms?

You have 4 of these?

I dont have the dimensions right now, but the batteries will be a 8s3p samsung 30q pack that i will solder together in any desired setup. then i have the BMS from bestech 80A discharge for 8S. lastly a focbox. Will get dimensions of all those when i am home

i will toss those old zippies and weird setup i made. (my first board :wink: )

Go to Bauhaus and get yourself a plant tray - cost me like 2€ I think.


ideas like those are the best!

Man this one looks great, why did I mess around with fiberglass If this could hold the weight of the electronics without the straps it would look amazing

Tbf even with the straps it looks great, you have done a good hob there @Maxid

you should be mounting to the deck anyways…

what don’t you people get? enclosures are just supposed to be covers!

Starting to get inspired here! Anybody else has got some cheap diy solutions like Maxid’s plant tray? :slight_smile:

why don’t you just do what everyone else seems to be doing - buy a cheap sheet of Kydex off eBay and press it on to a block of wood?

Check out https://www.unikboards.com/en/boutique/boitier_kit/ I would sell my Kit. If you are interested contact me :slight_smile:

Woah it’s that easy?? Do you know a good thread around here on how to do that?

Lots of info over here: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/thermoforming-a-kydex-battery-enclosure/

My dimensions should be 36L x 17W x 2.5H in cm