Encoders and VESC

Hello, I am using the FOCBOX 4.12 motor controller and I have hooked up a DC motor to it. I’ve managed to figure out how to configure it despite the lack of information on it. I feel like the DC side of the VESC needs more information and love for new people. At this moment I’m trying to hook up a diferent DC motor, this time it has an encoder so I can read it speed, a quadrature encoder.

My question is, how do I connect the encoder when I can only find HALL input?

Thank you for the help and sorry for the delay, I will look into this and test it, I will give feedback when possible.

Ok, after analyzing what you shared I can say it doesn’t help my problem.

Perhaps I didn’t explain well. I have a DC motor hooked up to my VESC and after a few tests I can control in open loop with the software but now I want to run it in a closed loop, the motor itself has an integrated encoder which outputs 2 signals, normally you only need one signal to determine the speed but with 2 signals 90º apart from each other you can determine if it’s rotating left or right.

The main objective is connecting the VESC to a CAN bus where it will receive a speed value and with the aid of the encoder the motor will achieve that speed.

My problem is that I don’t understand where should I hook up this encoder signal, all the posts and videos I’ve seen only use encoders with the BLDC or FOC configuration on the software but I’m using the DC configuration.

Hi do you still need help? If you’ve solved the issue can you post the answer? Perhaps the reason for your problems was this: I found that sensored speed control for DC motors was only added to the firmware at the beginning of this year (Feb 2019). Also what encoder are you using? ABI?