ENDED - Motor Mount for Caliber II trucks - Enertion clones - Aluminum clamp + Carbon Fiber arm

sept 8 edit - sale of these mounts is being suspended as they’re nearly gone and keeping some on hand for contingency reasons. thank u all for purchasing.

Starting a new, normal buy thread for these motor mounts I took over from Shogu12 out of the original group buy. You can see the original thread here.

I’m reselling these at $34 for the complete set, with $3 shipping within the US, $10 Canada, $13 rest of the world.

Also selling complete hardware set for $5 shipped within the US, for those of us who got these mounts with wrong sized hardware.

I’m using Nylock nuts for the clamp and arm bolts.


You don’t even have to alert me once the payment is sent and form is submitted, I’ll be on top of it. But feel free to drop me a PM as a reminder.


I can confirm this fits both the normal Caliber II trucks, and Torqueboard’s 218mm caliber clones whose hangar is just slightly larger than normal trucks.

Caliber II:

TorqueBoards 218mm clones:


I luv the gif


I’m in for 2 full sets after the carriage bolt pics!!

all the hardware is in, check the original post for pics.

Just sent you the money, let me know if I missed anything. Looking forward to the mounts.

how long will it last? I want to buy one but first I need to see if my baseplate fit on caliber. cuz I use Avenue. I’m waiting for delivery so

i’m not sure, i had 50, 10 are already called for and it’s been a solid two days since i got everything in.

don’t think it’ll continue selling at this rate but doubt i’ll have these forever either.

@THISisOURS @CookieOreo @cryo

you three overpaid, i’ll issue refunds in a bit. and your mounts will be in the mail today.

I just paid. Submitted your form without a payment I’d since Venmo app doesn’t give that as far as I can see

Submitted my payment and info, thanks!!


For those who’ve paid and I promised shipping today, I’m sorry it’ll have to be sent tomorrow.

I was tied up at work and couldn’t make the post office.

I had everything ready to go, just need to drop them off at the post office:


well I can wait

How many sets are still left? Sorry its my first time here

Without counting let’s say 20

Submitted your form and payment, looking foward to the mounts!

Yup I see it, it’ll be sent tomorrow, tracking then too

Do you have the shape file for the pulley cover that was supposed to be available for these mounts?

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no, i think it’s buried somewhere in the original group buy post.

I looked, couldn’t find it. If anyone has access to it I would appreciate it.

I got it.very nice quality. but what ar

e the holes and extra bolts for?

i think the holes are for an idler, if you’re into that.

the black bolts are what shogu sent. the stainless steel bolts are what i got in their place. you can use either, and have extras for fun.

the stainless steel bolts are sized correctly since top bolt hole is longer than the bottom.