Endless Ride for VESC?

Not sure if there was any progress made in this department, but surely we must have someone working on this feature, right? With the advent of the customizable bluetooth remotes like the Firefly and Photon, a feature like this should be pretty simple to implement. I remember the Nunchuck has a cruise-control setting that would maintain the current RPM even when you kick push the board. Obviously you couldn’t pay me to use a nunchuck remote.


Doesn’t Ackmaniac’s ESC tool have a Cruise Control via Secondary Channel?

The photon has a cruise control feature. It’s also in the @Ackmaniac firmware.

Endless mode is different than cruise control. The Mellow team explained it like a push board range amplifier. You kick your board foward and it helps to propel you foward but with a lower power than it is needed for endless continuous speed riding, if you stop pushing your board will eventually stop.


Using an Arduino over UART, it should be easy to implement, or even in the firmware

Something like if speed greater than X start control loop, this loop would be a speed control with dropping speed, you can set various parameters like time constant and etc, maybe an inverse exponential function would mimic well the unpowered board feeling

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Has someone specifically implemented this for the firefly? I’m going to be building one shortly.

The @Ackmaniac firmware has a push for speed control function as well, sounds similar.

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This seems like a cool feature, but I don’t really get why you’d want it, except to extend your range. If you have a powered board, why not just use the remote to cruise at the speed you want, slow down, speed up, etc?

Because endlessride/push assist makes riding more akin to regular longboarding rather than esk8ing. Every push you make is amplified with a surge of power to the wheels. The entire ordeal makes you feel like superman stomping the ground. The ride and sensation feels truly ‘endless’.


How does going down hills.work? When does it know to not accelerate if gravity is causing acceleration?

You still have your remote to brake. You truly haven’t lived till you pumped your way to full speed. Now do it up a hill. It’s pretty cool.

I guess the best way I can explain this to other longboards… is imagine those times you get that really satisfying stride when you push. Endless ride basically lets you experience that euphoria every time you push.


Ah I thought it was remoteless.


Planning on building a firefly soon too. Where are you sourcing parts? I don’t want to wait 39 days for aliexpress.

Also, are there any instructions or guides to follow?

eBay. Payment processes faster, and there’s generally an American based supplier for what you need. Costs are roughly the same. There’s a github wiki and spreadsheet BOM you can follow. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1G6cbB9tymxwAx_ul-3dK_ecZLHnj8iVudTKXk6aNmv8

I’m honestly going to hold off until i know for a fact we can implement this endless ride feature. Otherwise the firefly and photon are just glorified PPM controllers with LCD screens. Everyone complaining about the short throw of the Nano remote has likely not bothered adjusting the throttle curves, which makes a huge difference.

Just get on the baord and try to push while you accelerate with the remote. And if you think that might work then try the same uphill.

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And can also help with the legal aspect in some juristictions iirc. A tiny remote with just a brake/light control would be nice to have

It could be pretty damn easy to make, if you turn the sensor signal from the motor into a ppm signal it could work.

So the amount of rpm output from the sensor cable will be turned into the amount of throttle on the vesc.

That could also allow you to use a remote, since you could also do this via uart.

Anything thats able to read the rpm could turn the signal back and into the needed ppm signal.


I made a board some time ago that had a small button in the tail that would hold the speed so long as you were standing on it, is that what you are talking about here? its a standard feature in VESC.

I called it kick assist rather than endless, pretty sure I was the first to ever do it.


I saw that vid I think you got a first there dude let nobody take it away from you!

Was it not @Ackmaniac’s f/w which allowed this?

I have never used @Ackmaniac firmware on any VESC. not because I don’t think its great, but because I just never got around to upgrading firmware.