Eneloop DIY Enclosure Box w/ Skate Handle!

In my quest to DIY an enclosure box for my first build (yet to be completed), I came across this little gem today, while cleaning my house. My original plan was to use the Rosti Mepal sandwich box like others have used, but I found that the Torqueboards/FVT 6s ESC was too tall to fit without cutting holes or modifying the box. I really wanted my electronics to be in a self contained enclosure, and at least somewhat water resistant. So, on to Eneloop to the rescue! This little case actually came with an Eneloop battery/charger bundle from Costco (~$22-24 on sale). It is exactly tall enough to fit the 1.5" tall ESC, along with two 3s Zippy 5000mah Lipo’s, receiver, and wire spaghetti, with some room to spare. Plus, it has a couple little areas where you can store short allen keys, anti-spark key, etc. Aside from the dimensions, I really like th fact that the case swings open, instead of the top coming off completely, and the coolest bonus part…the box doubles as a skate handle! I’m so stoked that I found this, and will post up my build once it’s complete, but for now, I wanted to share this little guy with you all, in case someone else out there is scratching their head over which enclosure to use, like I was. It’s only mocked up at this point, but so far, I don’t see any reason why it won’t be the perfect solution for my build.

Now, on to some pics…


@longhairedboy this is what we were talking about a while back… a simple, lidded enclosure for DIY builders.

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yeah… i like this idea. If i was to come out with a product like this i’d probably even call it the Lunch Box as a shout out to all the builders who have actually used lunch boxes. Fascinating.

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Anybody have any suggestions for how to attach this box so that it is easily removable? I was thinking of using some super strong adhesive velcro, but I don’t know if that would be strong enough to hold. I would like to make this box a modular “e-box” that I could quickly swap back and forth between my long and short board, so I don’t have to double my electronics cost to have two board options. Both would have their own motor mounted, so it would be as simple as swapping the box and three connectors for the motor.

counter-sunk bolt through the board, then washer and nut on the other side to hold the bolt in place, then wing nut so you can get the box on and off with just your hands.

yeah @delta_19 has the most practical idea. Velcro will be harder than you think when trying to take your box off, especially if you put enough on there to really hold it on, and eventually you’ll end up peeling it off the board. Short, countersunk bolts with wingnuts would work well.

You could also use one of my box mounting kits. It has options for rivit nuts or t-nuts, and three different bolt lengths. They’re M3 bolts, too, so they won’t be large enough to get in the way and can easily be covered on the top side with grip tape, but you will need a hex key/allen wrench as opposed to using your fingers to get them tight.


Agreed. I think I’ll stick to using velcro for mounting batteries and electronics, but use some kind of bolted system to mount the enclosure box. I was thinking about going with the T-nut route so I don’t have any hardware poking out into the box, so it’s good to know you sell kits for that. I’d still like to figure out a system that is quicker releasing, but that may be a pipe dream. I’ll keep thinking. Or just buy one of your kits.

I also use handle box as enclosure

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