Energy Draw Issue

Hello All, I am having an issue with my eMTB and the range I am getting. I live in Seattle but have been taking relatively flat routes and my range is pretty bad. I have a 12s 8p pack using 25r cells. Dual FOC Box, TB 6374 motors and NESE modules for the battery pack. I had all my tires at 40PSI and have a double helical gear drive from @Nowind. On a 4.3 mile route I lost 16% off the top end of my batteries. This means my range is shy of 25 miles which seems quite short for such a large battery pack. Any insight? I have reassembled the drives to make sure alignment and mesh is right.

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image image image

pneumies, dual 6374, 25r cells

seems right to me honestly :shushing_face:

close to 40wh per mile seems high no?

nah… ive seen someone on the forums say 35 is average. maybe youre losing some efficiency with your belts?(or your weight? no offence (idk what it is)

I’m sub 200. No belts with gear drive.

Have you tried to actually fully drain your battery in one go? These cheap battery meters works by measuring voltage of battery pack, and as you probably know, batteries drop quite fast in voltage to around 4v/cell. I myself have found these cheap ones to be very inaccurate… You sould do a full range test, and then see how far you got.

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I did a 16 mile ride and got down to 33% which is on track for 24 miles

ehh… gear drive. Could still be some efficiency loss

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Gear drive are the more efficient drive system between the two


i wasnt saying its inefficient, but there are always some losses

i never got a good range out of my space cell which had 25r cells… idk maybe we both got unlucky

That would suck. We are talking $450 to replace with 30Q

thats what im sayin brother it sucks :frowning:

luckly @hyperIon1 does some great work for a nice price :slight_smile:

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NESE modules. Would only need the bare cells

Can you check the resistance of your bridges and your leads? Sometimes if the gage and resistance is to high your batteries will drain really fast because of the area it has to push current.

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@hyperIon1 So you want the resistance of the “bus bars” and then the resistance between the terminals of the NESE modules or the individual cells?

Yes, that would have significant impact on the performance of the pack regardless what you had in parallel a 12s8p should give you 40-50 mile range in that configuration. Even with 25r cells. Are the cells new?

Yes, the cells are all new.

gears are not direct drive

hub motors or Carvon-style is direct drive


Should have know this was coming. I’ll change it.

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