Enertion 2.1 raptor build contest "Solar Bone Breaker 2.0 "

It would be sick if a big money corporation like Hot wheels got into the DIY esk8 market but I feel like it would make more sense for them financially to make a complete board.

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Me and the board so you guys can see the over all size .


I am hoping that this will inspire Mattel to invest in providing things like this to the market . This was to show what a company like Mattel could offer. Like Honda making robots…sorta like that. They defiantly gave me a chance to show case our abilities .


Btw the solar panel charging is alot more efficient that what I would have imagined, I’d love to implement that in a future build. There has been many times where this feature would be really useful.

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Wow some real time, effort and thought has gone into that one.

I like the idea of the kicktail, is it 3d printed ? How do you find it in practice being that it’s a fairly long and heavy board ?

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Yeah, but this is a hell of a proof of concept! Are they holding up well under foot?

Beast of a truck… meee likes! well done! :star_struck:

+++ heatshrink truck lol


@mikeg60d would you mind sharing exactly what solar cells your are using and what converter you used?

Sooo how many miles are you getting with the R-Spec drive and the 30Q?

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This board is long … but the wider trucks really make the difference . because I clear the deck at the extremes and there is not bottoming out . I make some pretty tight turns . The new Enertion motors are damn powerful so moving a heavy thing like this isn’t really an issue. I will say we looked at the build not as a Electric Skate board but more as a replacement vehicle. This could replace a car for those 25-30mile commute. The weight added a good feeling of stability at higher speeds . I would like to get the weight down but with the stability might be compromised.

let me check my amazon cart … give me a day to look it up .

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not sure yet… the board is only 2 days old. lol I built another board with the 2.0 motors and 30q’s and got real world solid with hills 28 miles. I mean hills that where 25-30 degree at most. I also had a climb daily a 30 degree hill that was a 3/4 mile long. If it was flat and no wind … easy 30 -35 miles.


YES!! so far no de-lamination on the cells and no loss on regen voltage . Mind you its only 2 days old …then board. but i have ridden it in the rain …and put some miles on it.


SO NICE!!! What an amazing project !!! In my opinion you win the contest!! Great job man

Have you considered putting the solar panels under the board? To charge it, just flip the board over. IMO, you’re losing efficiency with the grip tape and your feet/shadow covering the panels while you ride.

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SO RAD :fire::+1::skull_and_crossbones::boom:

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I’m sure people will ask-- please sell those custom trucks, lol.

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What a rad build! This competition is getting better and better. Truck hangers, solar panels, HUD, kicktail… awesome. I’d like to see a FPV video of the HUD while riding. Very cool.

Very interesting real world feedback on the solar PV charging. Those multi directional panels are pretty cool. Do you know what kind of heat build up the cells/electronics would be subjected to if the board was left in the sun for a few hours to charge? Is there any thermal break between the panels/deck and the electronics? That would be my only concern.

On the flip side, in regards to increasing solar charging potential, do you think one of those solar cooker/tanning reflectors could speed up the process to say, 1 mile per solar hour (mpsh)? If be interested in seeing the results from that test. This is what I’m talking about:

gettyimages-tlp1174586-1024x1024 gaiam-hot-pot-solar-cooker a-Schematic-view-of-the-flat-plate-collector-with-reflector regtangular_target_area_and_sun_reflectors

I want a kick tail like that for my hummie deck!

Somebody make two for me.

Is the kick tail strong enough to kick flip the board or is it just aesthetics?

I wouldn’t actually be able to use it though with my motors hmm.

That deck looks great. Really nice looking build and diy work.

I didn’t know trampa had this kind of style deck.


Showing trucks with heatsinks on them this particular forum will get you legal threats from enertion, who supposedly invented and own that idea. Even though they didn’t invent it.​