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So I’ve just received the Enertion remote in the mail today and it has a broken B button. I purchased it from a forum member that decided to sell off his parts. It was “unused brand new” but evidently this is not the case.

For those that are using this remote, the will this effect the general usage? Does anyone actually use the B button for braking or any other feature? The button is loose and and I can hear the retaining plastic rattling around :frowning:

If the B button is the lower one you don’t need it OFTEN.
I have used it once to change the channel of the remote.

Open it up and find out what’s rattling.
It ain’t a complicated unit.
Just be careful you don’t lose small parts.

I opened mine up to give it some heft by adding some weights inside.

I am in!!!

You’re right very straight forward unit. Other than the broken it appears to be a pretty solid little unit.

This problem is the button the B button has broken its solder to the board. Its a pretty small/fine solder though so I am not sure I am going to be able to get it to reconnect. I might make a trip to the hardware store to see what their finest iron looks like.

EDIT: I’ve glued the button back in place (being careful to only add a small amount at the little plastic feet). I’ll try to add a small amount of solder at the connections to hopefully make it reconnect. Is there supposed to be an LED that goes off when hitting the B button (like when hitting the A)?

@Tarzan Thanks for that feedback. Sounds like I could almost get by without it unless it’s likely I’ll need to play with the channel settings for my first connection?

I feel that where the A and B are located they are more susceptible to damage if you drop it at that end as it doesnt have much solder or support behind the switch mechanism.
Also dont like the C press button. On the Raptor it is meant to function as a speed limiter when pressed down (probably not correct term). Meant to keep a certain throttle speed. You have to press again to disengage this setting is my understanding.

Also you need to remember to turn off remote anytine you are not on the board. Otherwise if you accidentally pull on C the boards shoots off. Thats an operational Issue to remember. Not a controller issue.

I like the new evolve remote as the buttuns are set into the face which are protected. Less likely to get damage.

Yes fair call on the Evolve remote. I liked the design of the original remote too.

Can you confirm if the B button should result in an led light?

As @Tarzan noted I think its only needed for channel changes. Dont think led works when used.

If I remember right the green light starts flashing after you klicked the B button 10x in less then 5 seconds.

Edit: You have to press C before!

Just check the right post for proper knowledge :smiley:

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B button has no light.