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Enertion 2.4Ghz Wireless Radio Transmitter Controller & Receiver

Click > to > buy > Electric Skateboard 2.4ghz Radio Transmitter

Available end of JAN. Only 70 units available.

Important specs

  • 2.4ghz Radio
  • Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Built-in
  • Silicone Grip Cover
  • LED Charge indicators
  • Comes with USB Charge Cable
  • Cruise Control (press the thumbstick down at the desired speed to lock it in)
  • Compact & easily fits into pocket
  • Comes with Receiver
  • Compatible with any hobby grade car ESC (Connect with 3-pin servo wire)
  • 90 Grams
  • H 130mm X W 50mm

PRICE $99.95 USD APPROX (discounts for bulk)


Damn guys he done did it.

Dang, you can buy 4 gt2b’s for 100usd :frowning:

Haha still look appealing though!


@onloop STEEZ written right on the side! Awesome! @lowGuido that’s gotta make you happy!

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you know what would make me happy?? free sample! :slight_smile: for science of course.


Damn your temptations onloop! Already have a gt2b/badwolf setup, but this controller with cruise is sweet! Do I fork over 100 for a cruise feature…hmmmm
…anyone wanna buy a gt2b/badwolf transmitter?

@onloop is the man !

Is it the same as this one ?

When you click on description it says this:

I do… I like the gt2b/badwolf look a lot better. The cruise control is nice though…

@onloop does the receiver have more than 1 channel?

The reason I ask is because I was planning to use a reciever based headlight/taillight system on my next build, and It requires 2 extra channels.

@onloop How does the cruise function? If you reach a desired speed and click it to hold that speed what happens if you fall? I personally like that the c button on a nun chuck, when released, your throttle zeros out. Is there a dead man’s function on this new remote?


is it possible to post a picture of the receiver?
I would like to have an idea of what that looks like.

@droospoos, Check out this post in endless-sphere:
There is a picture of the receiver. (Assuming it’s the same one)

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i also would like to know about this, if i fall and drop the remote is my board gonna stop or run me down?

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if i were that eboard ! I’LL RUN YOU DOWN . dead slowly :joy:

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ummm what you know thats not a real pic of me right…

Hahaha. Lol. Maybe a less confronting profile pic. Lel

hah hah hah . gotcha : )

I received an Enertion remote, to see how it fairs compared to my Nyko Kama.
Unfortunately it didn’t seem to come with any schematic of any kind, in true DIY style.

Some questions:
It has two sets of PWM pins, are these both the same channel ?
Which pin power (red wire), which one is ground (black wire) and which one is control (orange wire) ?
Does it need separate power supply or does it get supply from the VESC ?

What about button functions ?
I assume C is the cruise button, what about the two front buttons ?

How do you bind the tx with the rx ?

What about charge indicators ?
Is there any warning the battery is low ?
Does it indicate when the battery is fully charged ?

Ok, so I’ve managed to answer some of my own questions:

Both sets of PWM pins are the same channel so you can split your signal over two controllers.
The polarity of the pins is marked on the PCB, GND is the pin furthest from the NRF24L01 module.
RX is powered via the VESC.

C-button/thumbstick is the cruise button: press to hold current speed, it doesn’t seem to allow speed adjustments while cruise is engaged, like on the Nyko Kama.
A-button is the power button, press for 5 seconds to turn transmitter on -> green LED
B-button: brake function, same as pulling back on thumbstick.

Binding seems to be automatic/pre-bound. If no connection between RX/TX -> red LED on RX blinks slow and left LED on TX is green. Upon connection -> red LED on RX blinkss fast and left LED on TX turns red.

Charging: LED next to charge port is red.
Charged: LED next to charge port turns green.

Don’t throw out the charge cable, the male mini USB plug has a non-standard length because the receptacle is mounted deep in the housing. Other mini USB-plugs won’t reach in far enough.