Enertion 6355 190kv VS Alien Power 6355

Thanks to Josh Hess & His forum here: https://www.radicalcreation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=23

We now have a great photo comparison of:

Enertion R-SPEC 6355 -VS- Alien Power System 6355

Let me firstly say that josh seems a bit biased towards Alien in his review, he also recommends you buy their products at the end of the review & his tone used during his review seems to be anti-enertion. This is what Josh had to say;

I have had an excellent experience buying from them and their (alien) products are by far the best price for the quality you get

NOTE: Josh is wrong…

So let’s look at the FACTS!

The price of both these motor options delivered to the US for a dual drive eboard.

2X Alien Power System 6355 + Shipping to West Coast USA is approx $186USD 2X Enertion R-SPEC 6355 + Shipping to West Coast USA is approx $235USD


Now let’s look at the stator size difference. Because if you didn’t already know that is what determines max power, torque & horsepower of a motor.

Josh says the Alien stator is the same diameter but shorter, it only has 55 Laminations The Enertion Stator has 70 Laminations


NOTE: This also means approx 21.42% smaller magnets, 21.42% less copper

So which motor has the cheapest stator cost ratio?

Cost per lamination of the Alien Motor is $186 / 110 = $1.69 per lamination Cost per lamination of the Enertion R-SPEC is $235 / 140 = $1.67 per lamination

R-SPEC Stator Laminations 1.19% Cheaper

Now let’s look at the Build Quality

Here is a photo showing the Alien motor with a bend in it. Josh said he bent it with his thumb when reassembling the motor.

You can clearly see the differnce in the thickness of the alimunim parts, the enertion R-SPEC has much thicker profiles making it less prone to deformation.


Enertion R-SPEC 6355 vs Alien Power System 6355

  1. Enertion Stator is 21.42% Larger - Higher MAX Power, Deliver More Torque & Horsepower
  2. Enertion R-SPEC has larger magnets & more copper.
  3. Enertion Cost to Stator Size Ratio is Lower than Alien by 1.19% (You pay less & get more with R-SPEC)
  4. The Enertion R-SPEC has a more robust design with thicker aluminium profiles.
  5. The Enertion R-SPEC is also chemically treated to make it water-resistant.

I have said it before & I will say it again, You get what you pay for!

COMMUNITY SURVEY Do you prefer larger & cheaper stators in your motor so you have better performance to weight ratio?

  • YES, I want a bigger stator for less
  • NO, I want to pay more for smaller stator

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“Moving on the the rotors. Enertion made a big fuss about how all inexpensive motors use only “glue” to hold the magnets on to the rotor and that they use a special spacing ring to hold theirs. Again, this is just a bunch of BS hype to get you to pay more. Number one, this is not “glue”. It is application specific epoxy formulated specifically for this purpose”

This whole thing has bias. When you have a stake in one of the products (aka its the one that you sell), this goes from comparison to obvious marketing bullshit.


I agree. I want to buy his stuff because its quality but I DO NOT want to support him.

Right company Wrong type of person running it.

That’s not how you grow a business.

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WOAH WOAH guys. I support Enertion in everything he does except his motors due to the iron curtain behind what would give you the best value, and what would give you the best yolo performance. Untill Enertions motors get more unbiased testing , the enertion motors will be a Ferrari that no one wants to buy and SK3s will be the Nissan GTR that everyone loves. Dont flame on Enertion just because of the motors.

Well before everyone starts to crucify Jason for running his own business the way he wants to let me ask you these questions. How would you do it differently? I mean, if you were actually providing “any” parts to the community. Providing 1 part in quantity is difficult enough without crowd funding. How about 10 different parts?


I think it’s kinda bad PR to just defend your motor 24-7…

If people say something that’s wrong, correct them, but I don’t think you have to attack every detail.

Mercedes doesn’t try to sell it’s cars to honda or toyota customers… they know people will always gravitate towards the cheaper option, even if the better German engineering proves to have much higher performance.

you just gotta accept that no matter how much promotion and numbers get thrown around, most people who are dead set on a cheaper budget are going to go with a cheaper motor…

Except bmws and benz have garbage reliability

I noticed u never actually replied to my comment

Like it or not guys…

The photos above are not mine… The calculations are based off facts… The cost to lamination ratio favours the R-SPEC…

But everyone still happily goes around saying the R-SPEC are way too expensive! More than all the other motors… Of course i am going to speak up!!! don’t expect for one minute i am going to be silent about the truth in front of our own eyes.

A real estate agent who has a 4 bedroom house is going to walk you through it, she will show you the inside and the qualities so that you can better understand why the price is greater than the 3 bedroom house you are comparing it too…

So now we have 3rd party evidence that they are in fact bigger & cheaper than another motor on the market…

And you guys a bitching about it? This info was actually show to me by my competitor, otherwise I would not even know about it.

So as consumers you don’t you want this info?

I am more than happy to delete this thread?

Just reply with this statement “I don’t want 3Rd party product comparisons and facts about products”

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these are not my photos…

if you dont like facts mate… thats your problem…

not here to make friends, here to get the facts out so consumers can make better decision,

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how am i treating anyone inappropriately, i have simply presented photos & facts and done some calculations, anyone can do this but they don’t do it…

motor KV & stator size are not directly related… you can have a larger stator & a lower kv!

increasing the stator size costs more, requires bigger magnets & more copper, so it not something the china factories like to do.

ask torqueboards to show you inside his motors, last time i checked it was missing… maybe you don’t want the truth?

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Anyone is capable of purchasing my motors to see the insides of my motors.

Because you take a hit you want to throw me under the bus? lmfao…

I don’t claim to have the best motors unlike you try to do. There’s a difference between quality and over-paying for fake quality.

The false economy - Don’t get duped into paying for something you don’t need.

My motors are ridden and tested and climb 20-30% inclines on a daily basis. What more do you want/need? You want to dip them in gold and pay $100 extra? Nah… no thanks…

People just want to ride…without breaking their bank. Something that’s reliable and works that’s not overpriced.


no problems, ill buy some and do some testing…

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lol yay for biased testing again :slight_smile:

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just purchased 2… ill open them up & take some photos when they arrive