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Enertion: Address change

After watching Jason’s Vlog today I got really confused:
He says that due to paypal terms&conditions he can not change an address as all shipments need to go to the address connected to the user account.
Is this really the case? During my initial order I gave a different address than the one my paypal is connected to. Which address is now the one my shipment will go to?
I don’t want to change my address or anything - I just want to make sure the VESCs will actually go to the address that I put in during checkout.

Or did I just understand him incorrectly?

Thanks for the help!

Seems like the way you’ve explained it it will go to your address in your user account. Unless his systems work with the PayPal delivery address. Wouldn’t know about that.

I know there are vendors that allow you to pay with PayPal but then use their own delivery system and then those that use PayPal entirely for the transaction. Will have to try find out which one of those he is.

I’m pretty sure that when checking out from the Enertion site, the info is sent over to PayPal. This info is then used when paying and will be final due to PayPal security measures and avoiding frauds and scams. I do not think it matters what you have put on your PayPal account as long as the right adress was shown when paying.

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The address you use when you order is what we use for shipping, if it doesn’t match your paypal address it will still work out ok.

The problem is if we manually change the address after the order has been processed. That exposes us to problems if someone claims that goods have not been received. Because our records will not match those captured by paypal during the initial transaction.

On top of that problem, it would also take us a very long time to manually change all the other backend systems which need to have matching customer data.

these are some of the reasons why we don’t offer the option to change your address.

However it is possible to change your address if needed, we simply cancel the order & you submit a new order.

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Thanks @onloop,

You can delete the email I have sent yesterday then. I am happy that I just understood incorrectly and am looking forward to the VESCs.
Sorry for sending out an email - I should have tried the forum first.

ok man, thanks for the update.

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