Enertion All-Terrain Hub Motor Board Prototype

Ok, so starting from 2017. Jan, Start giving us updates on the progress :wink:

I think there might be more ppl interested in these hub driven mountainboards, than you think :wink:

Ppl in my country already discussing idea about using hub wheels for mountainboard build … just saying :smiley:


It’s 2017 and the dreams of dozens of us concerning the AT Enertion model live on. I’m only guessing here, but I suppose you’ll wait with any announcements for the second half of the year not to impair the sales of the Raptor 2, won’t you, Jason? :wink: But I’m sure to jump on the bandwagon once Enertion’s AT’s out!


Make a petition for AT wheels to enertion ha :smiley:

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I think Trampa and Carvon are gonna sweep that market right from under Enertions feet…Unless there is a surprise soon


Might be the case, monkey32, might easily be the case. Jason mentioned developing an AT board right after Raptor 2, and I love his concepts so I think I’ll be waiting on Enertion’s call on that :wink:

Hes actually had a prototype running but suspect it all went on hold with R2. I wouldn’t hold your breath it will be a long wait. On his vid he never says a date.

Maybe someone can answer these questions about the board in Jasons vlog videos.

Does anybody know where to get these hub motors? Does any “self balancing board”-motor from alibaba work or would they have a kv rating that is too low? And last thing: would it be possible to switch the tyres to some nice brand mountain board tyres?

This motor looks similar:

@Jedi Thank you, but these have bolts on both sides of the motor and are therefore more fir electric scooters

It says they also have a mono shaft version.

If you look closely at Jason’s AT prototype, the hub motors are mounted to a custom made truck. To make the above motor work, or any other hub motor on that site, some modification to the trucks is most likely necessary.

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How does the thing work at low speeds? I’m thinking that, on poor terrain, you’re not going to be zipping along at 38km/h. What kind of voltage/current/heat/power consumption are you seeing at, say 3mph?