Enertion Black Friday Sale 2018 | It's On Now! You won't see these prices again

try now…

Sorry man so so sorry

What’s the estimate delivery date if i purchase a couple focboxes?

they are in stock, so probably 7-10 days

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You said this exact same thing last year. What’s different now? Not trolling. This is a serious question.


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Until when does the sale last?

They said they had them in stock then. They didn’t. The global shortage had nothing to do with them stating “in stock” items. As in, they already physically had them. The shortage is a moot point and it’s not applicable.

I’m asking what’s different and what has changed since then.

We have had focbox in stock ready for immediate shipping for months & months sean.

Actually, the reason for the delay last time was due to the fact we fired our project management team & our stock got lock away due to legal issues.

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When do the unity’s go out? Ordered some today

…which in plain christian language means 7-10 weeks, no? …or should I say months? Why would most need 10 Focboxes? I’m not a stablished builder who required such amount of FBxes, so I will not get free shipping with one FBx by no means. $99 dollars for a unit + $42 dollars shipping = $141 per unit!

Where was this Joe who was recently selling Focboxes here in the forum for $135 bucks? :thinking: Better get in contact with one of those guys and will get the Focboxes at our doors in 6 days! Last year I bought one of those, brand new from a forum member in Minneapolis for $150 …arrived in 7 days!

Enertion shipment kills the whole deal. 10 Fbxes or nothing.


And here we go​:joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Tell me is not true. :wink:

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Only $9.99 plus $1799.95 shipping and handling


Three days ago one guy was selling new Focboxes here in the forum for $135. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I was at the Evolve site trying to get a $50 Enclosure which supposedly end up in $37.5 after the 25% BF rebate… here in the US… well, with state tax, shipment, air quality discount, 30 year earthquake tax, the Olympic games in 2078, etc… the thing goes back to $50 again! So is surreal, you cannot blame Enertion neither (well their shipment predictions are puzzling). BF down the drain.

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Man you complain a lot. Don’t buy from us then.

Or buy more than $299 worth and get free shipping, then you can sell the 2 focbox that you don’t want to a local dude and offer free shipping and make a profit and everyone wins.

Instead your deep internal sadness for life drives you to moan endlessly. Such a downer.

You have ruined black Friday



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You took words from my mouth (keyboard), Brian.

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Now, look who’s turning things personal. Fire when you wish… worlds watching! (we already know the flag drill)