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Thanks Jason and team for all your hard work. Winding down a business is tough. You guys achieved greatness in many ways. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

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You got something on your nose.

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If you want to make a new thread about pantera lyrics you should do it. But otherwise your post is off topic.

I am not flagged by the community…I am flagged by you…and…i am on topic, whether you like it or not…Jason…By the other hand…nice to see you around…if it is you? So…how can you flagged if you are not the owner anymore?

I’ve wound down a few companies. So I know something about it. Sometimes companies fail. We don’t want to discourage people from trying.

Sometimes someone fails…and put down a company…and it`s reputation…Let say, a company should survive no matter who is the lider…but sometimes a person becames a company itself…usually a bad idea…

That is very true, the economy actually is built around this.

We need people to take risk and startup businesses.

Individuals being scared of failure, or being punished for failure has ongoing negative effects on the economy.

Hopefully i can share my experiences with others and help people make better businesses than what I did.

Any successful entrepreneur has had multiple failures.

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@onloop are you actually sorry or just saying you’re sorry?

As if, it’s you who owns the site.

Do we know if this is actually Jason on this account?

It feels like it’s at least someone that knows him very well.

He is threatened to ban me now if I don’t give him my first and last name.


hi ten chars

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What is happening with this place? Profile pictures gone, keeps logging me out etc

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oh missed that. Thanks

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Too early to say “I told you so” @onloop?


I think this is the most relentless comment section I’ve ever saw in my entire life. lol :laughing:

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