Enertion Boards Voluntary Liquidation

Fuck… :wink:

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damn haha you are getting torn up on this thread…

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I am sorry that it ended like that -though it could be seen coming a long time ago :frowning_face:

Contrary to most angry voices here, I do not regret getting a R2. With all its flaws it is a unique board I still enjoy. Multiple times I received good support, thanks to some of the Enertion employees (@barajabali and @CarlCollins) and generally… I got lucky enough.

A lot of people, customers and employees alike, were not so lucky.

@onloop, you disappointed me for not having the balls to own your mistakes like you used to, to show respect to the community that believed in Enertion and you, instead of burying your head in the sand and pretending everything’s all right. Fucking hell man, not even a single APOLOGY to the people that lost money due to your failure and wrong choices? I don’t think it’s right to call you a thief (unless someone says you pocketed the money instead of using them trying to rescue the business) but that doesn’t say much. You used to be better than that (I think) :frowning:


Unlike many companies that have fallen over in this community before me, I am here now addressing the issues, owning up to my failures and taking full responsibility. I have apologised & will continue to apologise and I will stay here to answer question until all the matters are wound up according to the law.

It’s not about the law -law doesn’t oblige you to be here- it’s about you breaking trust, cutting all contact while things were falling appart and letting people that were unaware place more orders for a great while, even though you knew there was such uncertainty for their fulfillment.

It might be something common for businesses to do, I just thought Enertion was different due to its roots and how transparent you seemed to be at first.

But anyway I think the most pressing thing that I and a lot other people would like to know is what’s happening with the forums.

There is great wealth of information there (especially the builders forum). It helped me and others -it will be very sad if this is lost. Can you please talk to us sincerely about the situation?

a) I know there are costs -discourse hosting is ridiculously expensive for what it is, technically speaking. We see that often they get suspended for billing reasons. Are you able and planing to keep paying or are you considering shutting them down? There are other options, like self-hosting them on an unmanaged server, baremetal or VPS, that would only have a tiny cost, but would require your time to acquire some know-how or finding/trusting someone with such to help.

b) If you are thinking of shutting them down, are you going to consider making a dump of (the public) information available in a useful form? Obviously excluding private tables of the database like the users and the private messages, but the public posts can still be preserved this way in a read-only form.

PS. I do appreciate that you are willing to answer questions, even if it’s only after the company failed.

[edit] I guess this answers my question about the .builders forum. I’m glad you plan keeping it live


There is much to learn here:

Those who still placed orders after the initial iffy launch of the Unity had no interest in seeing the issues the company was having, even though Enertion left a trail of red flags ever since the Black Friday sale of the original Focbox. I never understood the fanboy behaviour that was on display here multiple times, along with the ass kissing after 1 thing out of a million went right instead of wrong. Take a healthy distance from companies and do not invest emotionally. Criticise them rightfully for their products, services and actions / vote with your wallet & never purchase a release V1, unless you have cash to burn for replacements.

I do hope that @onloop will serve as some advisory role in the future, if he is willing. I am certain that you can share a wealth of information as to how to deal with Chinese manufactures, the typical pitfalls you will come across (BOM changes without notification, QC issues, safeguarding intellectual property, dealing with delays, business culture etc etc). I can’t have been easy…and there is an interesting story there (most likely). Essentially, what worked for you and what messed it all up.

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Actually, the launch of the unity was nearly perfect. We started shipping when we said we would and the product was well received.

I seem to remember people having issues obtaining replacements (warranty claims) and having to wait months for their order to arrive from the get go.

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That’s like saying the launch of the Titanic went just fine.


I found these two websites for raptor parts, seems like Chinese factories now selling out their stocks

@onloop who exactly owns this site?


I have no idea. could be any of the various factory or agents that we dealt with over the years. This wouldn’t be the first time we got screwed out of money or parts doing business in foreign countries.

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Imperium boards is legit, dude is in Sydney, Australia, he is here as @Elitejarcool.

Have purchased from him in the past, can recommend.

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Luckily Enertion burned me early on and I saw the chain of failures along the way so I stopped sending my money. When he hired Jacob Bloy who is also a theif and stole money from me, I knew this trend would continue. Sorry for all who lost money. Jason ran this crap of a business into the ground. Many promises and little delivery. You can only ride on the back of vedder for so long.

Thanks Jason and team for all your hard work. Winding down a business is tough. You guys achieved greatness in many ways. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

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You got something on your nose.

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If you want to make a new thread about pantera lyrics you should do it. But otherwise your post is off topic.

I am not flagged by the community…I am flagged by you…and…i am on topic, whether you like it or not…Jason…By the other hand…nice to see you around…if it is you? So…how can you flagged if you are not the owner anymore?

I’ve wound down a few companies. So I know something about it. Sometimes companies fail. We don’t want to discourage people from trying.

Sometimes someone fails…and put down a company…and it`s reputation…Let say, a company should survive no matter who is the lider…but sometimes a person becames a company itself…usually a bad idea…