Enertion build | Eboard is losing its Power after a minute

Hi, i know there is a similar post like this, but i could not find it… A few days ago i received finally my space cell pro 4 and today i had time to install it. I did all the Adjustments in my Vesc for it. here My problem now is that when i go out for a ride, my board have for the first 10 sec. full power but after 300m its loosing slowly its power and can only go 25kmh… I have the Enertion Vesc v4.12, and the enertion big mono motor (Forgot the name) Usually does @Onloop what to do?

Doesn’t the VESC come pre-loaded with the info for the SCP3 and R-Spec motor? This is a really interesting issue. Does the space cell still read the correct percentage or does it read that it’s out/running out of power?

Do you mean the Battery lcd? Thats working normal. In the Firmaware folder are only these:

Yes. I was wondering if the battery could be outputting weird but I guess not. Sounds like a VESC issue. Have you looked at the VESC after it has slowed down? Is it really hot?

No it have normal slight warm temp. I got another 10s2p from a friend but that one gives power untill its empty.

I would go outside with a laptop and look for an error code but its raining here at the moment :confused:

Sounds like the battery then…

On flat ground? While climbing a mountain? How heavy are you?

Seems like your vesc is getting too hot. Mine (space cell 3, mono 6355 motor) slows down after being on full throttle for about a minute on roads with slight incline.

Flat ground, my weight is 85kg

I’d suggest going dual drive. Based on others experiences on this forum, a smaller 200 kv motor can climb a certain hill, while the bigger 190kv motor (what you have) will cause the VESC to shut down (due to heat) before it reaches the top of said hill because the bigger motor pulls more power than your battery can provide. I might be wrong though, I’m a noob :slight_smile:

I dont think its the Overheat. The other battery can go up to 40+kmh for 15km without loosing power. Even with hills. While driving with the space cell, it feels like the battery try to protect itself… Motor and vesc isnt that much hot. easy to touch.

So i did another test ride for about 4-5km with some other settings. The problem is still there :confused: But i noticed that when i accelerate very slowly, it needs longer to lose power. and i get full speed for a longer time. I also noticed the ‘slow down’ disappear when i reboot the board and my remote.

I had something similar happen when a connector had broken apart from a wire causing a poor connection. Connect your laptop and see how big the vdrop is when you accelerate.

I tried it but my laptop cant connect to the vesc. Manager say it sees the ‘unknown com connection’ but the bldc programm just dont want to connect. I still try to connect it but if i cant do it i will resolder everything.

Resoldered everything, problem still there… I resettetet(etet?) the vesc complete and adjust just the gt2b and motor amps. Does usually @carl.1 know how to fix?

FInally i found the Terminal and the Faults command :smiley: This is what i get: The following faults were registered since start:

Fault : FAULT_CODE_OVER_TEMP_FET Current : -55.2 Current filtered : -41.1 Voltage : 40.91 Duty : 0.03 RPM : 6882.4 Tacho : 442256 Cycles running : 22989 TIM duty : 1163 TIM val samp : 635 TIM current samp : 21468 TIM top : 41666 Comm step : 3 Temperature : 101.24

I really dont get why the mosfets are overheating that much… This fault code comes from a 10 min ride on flat ground with mid wind.

I can ride hard with 15/32, 80mm wheels, 190 6374 r-spec, 10s 8ah and vesc without overheating, i am around 104kg =)

Has to be something with the battery? really strange tho

It has to be with the battery… I have a s 10s2p from a friend and with that one i can go full speed untill its empty… (15km) But i dont want to send it back… I think i dont have the warrinty anymore because i changed the lcd and switch out.

Can you make a picture of the battery and exspecially the modofications you made on it. Because in the fault log the current seems quite high to me. Can it be that you breaked very hard when the vesc switched off.

Yes i did a brake. I do some pics later i have to go the work :slight_smile: