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Enertion carbon deck complete with dual vesc AUS

Hi guys I have a dual Rspec motor carbon fibre longboard complete that I’m interested in selling,

Comes with enertion dual motor mount kit
Enertion wheels
2x enertion Rspec 6355 motors
Enertion space cell
2x 4.7 vesc
Vedders custom nunchuck

I’m looking to sell only to fund my next project.

I’m also looking for a boosted board dual+ To mess with the electronics just for fun.

Please some one contact me if there interested.

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What sort of money are you looking for?

Do you want to sell the whole board together or will you consider selling just the vesc?

ill be interested in the dual motor kit

I’m not sure what do you think it’s worth only done about 10km on the motors, the deck about 20km but it has some scratches on the deck,

Maybe $1100 usd because of the price of the space cell and the deck and even the vesc it’s hard to go down a lot, it is still saving of $400

Really not interested in separating it.

I hate how you state USD even when you are selling to aussies. I always get this brief moment of excitement followed immediately by disappointment.

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Sorry man, I state use coz if some one was interested in the us they think it’s to expensive because they assume it’s in there dollar, but what drive where you hoping for. I don’t think onloop will be to happy about me selling it but he knows how itchy my feet get.

why would you rather a boosted board? really your current setup is way more powerful and just overall better than a boosted board.

No so much about the setup, I have had 3 knee surgerys and don’t like to go fast any more after a bad remote I got sent from alien power systems, so I want a smooth ride, I still have lots of othe gear to play with.

yeah true keep to something that will work and be reliable

I’m intrested, How much will shipping be to Belgium? Included in the price?
Here is my email : [email protected]

I may be interested and I may be able to get you a boosted board too! I’m just waiting on someone to get back to me (long story). Whereabouts in Australia are you? I’m from Melbourne. My email is [email protected]

In in Adelaide, are u in Aus? If so 0439194041 is my number. There was a guy selling a dual plus on gumtree for $800 but he sold it, missed out on a great bargain.

It will be really hard to get you the battery from Aus to Belgium, could ship you the deck and every thing els but with out the battery and then you buy a new one direct from enertion.

Okay, keep me updated, how much would that set me back?

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hey jacob, so is the boosted board remote setup smoother compared to the complete enertion set up?

The raptors will come with Enertion’s new 2.4ghz remote found here:

The remotes have cruise control, a rechargeable battery, and operate on the super reliable 2.4ghz platform.

They are still brand new, so the raptor owners will be the first people to try them out.

Yes boosted boards remote is smoother but only because of the restrictions they put in place, so if you wanted a rapter from jason but you limited the acceleration curve and to speed and amp draw then you also would have a smooth system.
Also there motors are less powerful but very efficient.

Jacob, sent a reply through PM. Can you send a paypay invoice through to my palpal account as per that reply. Thks.