Enertion deck, no longer available?

using a bottom mounted enclosure at the moment and finding it a giant paint in the ass to service it.

so started considering the enertion deck but i can’t find it online anymore. does anyone know if it’s still available for purchase?

Do You mean the Carbon fiber one? If so, they do not sell it any more. But if you need one, i have one here that was my raptor before i moved its components…

yes! i’d definitely be interested.

would it be possible to get the depth, width and length of the enclosure space? my battery pack is a bit fatter and want to make sure it’ll fit in the compartment.

if it does, i’ll definitely take it off your hands.

let me know, thank you.

If it doesn’t fit @thisguyhere 's need I would like to know how much you want for it. just finished fixing a Raptor and really liking the lid factor.

Depth is rather 26mm

sweet, i’m gonna have to go measure my battery pack when i get home tonight, i’ll have an update for you then.

Did you have time to check yet?

sorry! yea, it’s too shallow for my battery pack so will be passing on it.

how much were you looking to get for it? just out of curiosity.

Something around 175-200 maybe? Not relly sure, as i have no reference.

this is why i just switched from a single big enclosure to separate battery/electronic boxes.

I rarely need to mess with the battery, and the e box is just a couple screws now. It also keeps the head from the esc away from the batteries…

hey! bring this back from the dead.

so after doing some soul searching i decided to re-assemble my battery pack and once that’s ready it’ll fit into the enertion deck.

that’s a long winded way of saying i’d like to buy the deck off you if you’ve still got it.

let me know.

Sorry, i already got a deal with @Mikenopolis.

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