Enertion DIY Assembly Help

Greetings Crew, I’m building a pintail eboard, in the traditional wood longboard style. Small enough to carry, just big enough for stability. I had the deck made at croozerboards.com, and was very happy with the experience - he did exactly what I asked for, good price, fast turnaround, good communication. Fun all around process.

As far as the build, I’m somewhat of a DIY guy, but really didn’t want to get involved in a ton of research, and frankly had a fear of getting stuff that wouldn’t work with other components. With that in mind, I went with enertion after seeing the clean battery and ESC aluminum enclosures in the videos, and plug and play setup. Only issue is that the power kit was not currently available due to components being rebuilt. I ended up waiting, and was then told that I could buy the updated components separately. They were a bit pricey, but I just wanted stuff I knew would work together, so I did it.

Only problem is what I received were more of one-off components that don’t have plugs / connections that match eachother, and don’t have mounting attachments or the aluminum enclosures. There is also zero documentation, and the enertion videos don’t pertain to these newer components at present. So now, here we are - instead of cruising around town on the board, I’m a bit frustrated in having to dump more time / research / assembly into this. Anyways, I would love a touch of insight from you all on how to pull the rest of this off, if you’d be so kind.

Here’s what I have (pics to follow) 1 croozerboards pintail 1 enertion dual rear motor mechanical kit 2 rspec enertion motors 2 enertion vesc’s 1 enertion spacecell battery 1 quick charger 1 gt2b transmitter & receiver

I’m trying to upload images, but it is telling me new users can’t upload images. I’ll comment on a few topics, and come back to add images, unless someone can authorize me to post the component layouts etc.

Did the enertion motors come with 5.5mm gold connectors? It’s a packet of these gold looking things.

If not then you will need to use connectors and solder them on. You will need:

XT60 Connectors MALE from HobbyKing or another place that you can find (post the link so we can double check)

If there wer no 5.5mm gold connectors that came with the enertion motor you will need those aswell.


You will also need to configure the VESC with the BLDC tool. There are a few posts on this forum on how to set it up depending on what operating system you have.

I know it sounds hard but there are a lot of vids and tutorials out there. GOOGLE is your friend! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Whoa - love how willing to help you are. An honest thank you.

Yes, the enertion motors came with 5.5mm gold connectors. I don’t know where to solder them to on the ESC, however. (Will upload a photo of my parts as soon as I’m enabled on this form due to being a new user)

I think the lack of any sort of documentation is my main holdup. Well, that, and where there are plugs (on the battery, or radio control unit), that there aren’t reciprocating equivalents.

Solder them directly onto the board. Have a look at this link and read the product description. There is a picture of where you solder the wires. (sl33py solders his connectors straight onto the pcb you can do this too if you dont want to buy wire) Also post a pic once you solder everything so more experienced people (not me!) can have a look at the soldering job to make sure nothing blows up if a wire comes loose.

Finally! Here’s the link lol: http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/vesc-motor-controller/

so one side of the VESC has 3 pads on it and that for the motor wires. https://cdn1.bigcommerce.com/n-yp39j5/zad02/product_images/uploaded_images/20150522-082329.jpg?t=1432249306

its the blue red and yellow parts in this pic

Ok, got it re: where to solder the 3 motor wires.

On that enertion ESC diagram (http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/vesc-motor-controller/) , what is the thing coming in from the right? Does a split from the battery connect with one of these black cylindrical looking things (not sure what they are), and then soldered to the middle of the board?

How does the Radio Control unit connect? I’m seeing the yellow, red, black wires go to it in lowGuido’s diagram, but I don’t have those wires coming off of mine, or a connector that seems to match…

Those are capacitors. You don’t have to worry about them to much as they should come with your board. Unless you got the last batch.

Regarding the radio control unit aka receiver buy this and just plug one into the VESC and one into your receiver. Here is a link to one you can buy: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_5491__Flat_26AWG_servo_wire_1mtr_R_O_B.html

Connect in channel 2

so in that image you mention…

the red and black wires are where the battery connects to the VESC. (Im gonna assume that cannecting the battery wired direct to where the FETS are on the board maximizes current to the FETs while also minimizing PCB space. it also maximizes annoying places to have to solder as a side effect) the Caps (black things) sit in parallel with the battery. you can think of the caps like a battery but faster. they take care of the surge that the batteries cant.

im surprised you didnt get the receiver wires… that should have been the easiest part to connect.

Here are my parts. So, still unclear on how the battery and Radio unit connect given these plugs.

And it still seems like the capacitors would be integral, given they came with this specific kit

you will need to get a servo cable and then solder it on to hook it up to a receiver. The VESC really isn’t that complicated, but it will take soldering, and some reading(read some of the VESC posts here on the forum about how to connect two of them together, and just the setup process in general).

Here is a thread on wiring stuff while keeping it neat: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/cable-porn-ohhhhh-yeahhhh/198

Wiring the capacitor + motor wires shown in this pic:

Also read up on some other build threads because they will definitely help: I know you don’t want to do research, but that’s part of the DIY way… you have to learn how to do it yourself, and there may be some challenges. You will not regret getting the enertion hardware though: it’s basically the best out there. Good luck!

I think the issue here is that @chap wanted plug and play. what he got was a crash course in electronics (and programming soon as he loads linix)

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ya, It happens- But make sure @chap you know there is a version of the BLDC tool for windows and mac to you don’t need to load linux

Ha - indeed

Ok, well thanks here guys. You’ve helped me get over a couple of the hurdles that were snagging me. Will keep you posted on the end result. And again, a sincere thank you for your all’s willingness to help.

I don’t think @chap knows where to solder the receiver wires. Maybe someone could post a pic for him.

lowGuide’s pic shows it pretty well: three wires, in three specific holes on the corner: it’s pretty easy to see in the pic

Also color coding for the win!

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