Enertion DIY Assembly Help

I think the issue here is that @chap wanted plug and play. what he got was a crash course in electronics (and programming soon as he loads linix)

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ya, It happens- But make sure @chap you know there is a version of the BLDC tool for windows and mac to you don’t need to load linux

Ha - indeed

Ok, well thanks here guys. You’ve helped me get over a couple of the hurdles that were snagging me. Will keep you posted on the end result. And again, a sincere thank you for your all’s willingness to help.

I don’t think @chap knows where to solder the receiver wires. Maybe someone could post a pic for him.

lowGuide’s pic shows it pretty well: three wires, in three specific holes on the corner: it’s pretty easy to see in the pic

Also color coding for the win!

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Noticed that after I posted the comment. Thanks cmatson.

Everyone has to start somewhere!

so basically here is what you’ll have:

two motors connected on the propulsion kit (enertion has an assembly video about it) the motor wires going to each VESC (use bullet connectors so you can detach the motors when needed) one VESC with a servo wire going to a receiver, and both the VESCs connected over CANBUS (also a thread on how to do that- just search up connecting VESC over canbus) each vesc with it’s own capacitor and +/- leads coming off (like in the pic I showed) those two sets of +/- wires merged together into one +/- (as shown in the @longhairedboy sexy cable thread…) that +/- leading into the space cell with an xt60 connector. If you are in the states, I will ship you two deans connectors (similar performance to xt60) for free if you pay shipping: I have so many of them, and I just don’t know what do with them all… lol. They look like this, and are slightly smaller than an xt60:

Then it is just about making an enclosure! ( @psychotiller has a pretty sweet one for sale made for a space cell + VESCs)

Hey chap!.

Welcome to the forums,

Sorry about the lack of documentation… to be honest I just don’t have time to make any detailed documents - I’m just one guy here… However I do try to get most of the import info that is required posted up onto this forum and if I don’t post it the other members here put info up too… and by the looks of it the quality of the help you have recieved from everyone is world class! Big thanks to everyone on here!

Regarding the VESC not coming with wires and connectors… well that’s a long story.

Basically the supplier had crap wire which I refused, I ordered the correct stuff and was going to solder it for everyone myself. But my wire order was delayed. The vesc was already delayed at thus point and I was about to go away for 3 weeks.

So basically I had to ship what I had. Otherwise the weeks would just keep rolling by without people getting their orders… most poeple don’t like waiting.

It would have been delayed until mid October.

I hope you get everything sorted!.

Eventually I’ll have a complete kit ready to go… but it’s not as easy as you would think. Making complex things simple is an art form… it takes time to do it right!..

Kind regards Jason.


on a side note, will your October batch of VESC’s have the wires pre-soldered?

@chap - welcome to DIY! You got some great kit and are almost there!

Do you have a decent soldering iron already? You really will need one for the heavier gauge wires you will want for power and the VESC’s.

On a previous order of the VESC’s direct from Vedder he sent a link to a youtube video showing him soldering up one. I found it helpful the first time i did one, so watch it and hopefully it helps you as well. That’s at least the hardware side of it…

Connectors - i’d recommend picking a standard and not mixing connectors if you can help it. Besides the 5.5mm bullet connectors to the motors, all your other connectors should be the same. it will make things easier down the road. With the SPACE cell you don’t have the same issues since the charging is all through the BMS (which is nice).

Have you started looking at the programming of the VESC? It seems a bit daunting the first time, but it’s really pretty easy now with some versions ported to Windows and Mac. You just need to make sure the version of the ported BLDC tool match your firmware on the VESC’s.


@cmatson and ALL - VERY helpful, and thanks for meeting me more than half way on this stuff. Cheers

cmatson, I’ll shoot you a pm to get your paypal / venmo on shipping that connector.

Cheers, Guys!

Correct me if I’m wrong but… Deans connectors are not rated for a 60amp current. People have said all over forums that deans connectors melt, catch fire etc)

I really would go with XT-60 just to be safe…

I’m interested in this as well @lox897. I haven’t seen any reports of Deans connectors causing fires. AFAIK, Deans doesn’t publish an amperage rating; but I see plenty of RC folks pulling 100A (example below).

So far I’ve been planning to use Deans, but I’d be switch if there’s some info that concludes that something else would be better.


Deans Ultra have been reported to pull 100amps but normal Deans are supposed to be terrible and hard to pull apart.

One guy said this: The Deans Ultra plug is rated for 60A continuous and 75A burst. Use bullets as I have already crashed twice using them. They tend to pull apart inside the housing with continuous high amperage currents.

There are heaps of videos on them failing and I have heard lots of people on RC forums are switching to XT-60 for reliability.

i am always going to use HXT-4mm, XT-60/90 or EC3/5

This is what HobbyKing said: These are for those customers still stuck with the old t-connector. We suggest all customers to upgrade to the new XT-60 connector where possible as that is the connector attached to nearly all our batteries, esc, charger and models.

I am interested in knowing this as well.

How’s your build going?

@onloop also posted a pic in this thread of the wiring for a GTB2 to VESC http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/what-is-the-best-2-4ghz-controller-for-vesc/155/10

I wasn’t sure if i should upgrade to a dual motor set-up or not, but i have decided to stick with a single for now. I will be ordering all my stuff from Enertion within the week, but will have to wait until October 1st or so it looks like for the Vesc. I have my trucks and wheels so far. My GT2B is on its way to my house and i am still debating on the board itself, but i plan to pick it up today.

Nice! Good luck! Remember to make a build thread once it’s done or while you are doing it!