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Well then.

It has been many moons since I originally submitted my order (#3337) for two VESCs from Enertion. Actually, I submitted the order early May 2016 which means I have been waiting six months for my order to be completed.

When the VESCs first arrived, only one of them worked. It was only hours after I submitted an email regarding the DOA VESC that a post appeared indicating that a short between untrimmed header pins and the battery power cable was causing many peoples boards to fail. If only I didn’t have everything ready to go, I might have survived unscathed! After contacting and arranging a repair with Enertion support, I mailed my VESC to the US warehouse (I received signature verification on delivery) and have not heard a peep since.

I submitted a request for an update online using the Enertion site but I have not heard anything from them. Is any one else in my position with Enertion and DOA boards due to the short?

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My vesc wasn’t DOA, I broke it (FOC mode). I bought 1 yr warranty then sent it back. After reminding them through email, at least once a week. I finally got it 5 weeks later. They said they had “issues with the API between their ordering and shipping system and few orders weren’t processed.” I’m guessing you’re one of the “few orders” that weren’t processed.

That’s of little comfort.

What email address did you use?

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[email protected]

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Wow - that sucks. You are waaaay more patient than I. I would do what ra.rend did and follow up weekly until you get it. You can also ping @carl.1 here, but i would definitely follow up more frequently via email.

Best of luck!

I’m a very patient person. I find that people will address faults and resolve conflicts if they have time and space.

That said, I have my own limits. I have been a long time backer for Jacobs projects. I’ve waited for nearly a year in a sense for just some fresh polyurethane and have yet to recieve it. In the end, I requested $450 back through PayPal and a took a wheel to the lathe instead. Turns out it’s faster and more entertaining than waiting.

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I have also sent mine in more than a month ago and they said they have received it at the usa warehouse and are asking me to wait for now.

Hi KEN, your matter is being resolved now, thanks for your patients.

we don’t have the staff to man this account anymore, please email [email protected]