Enertion drive kit compatability questions

So I am starting an almost all enertion build and ordered the full dual drive kit with motors. I havent got it yet but have some questions about parts compatability. Will 97mm flywheel clones work with this? Also I would like a higher gear ratio for more speed, where do I find a bigger pinion pulley that will fit the motor shafts and belts?

You want a 40t wheel pulley instead of 36t.

97mm will work yes

Or if you want higher speed, less torque then you can keep the 36T :slight_smile:

I didn’t see any pulleys on their website except the standard 15/36 setup that comes with the kit I ordered. And I would rather get the cheaper motor pinion pulleys than pay for the more expensive drive wheel pulleys.

I’m using enertion mounts with 97mm flywheels and torqueboards 40T pulleys. I wanted a nice slow board with a good range so I ordered 13T motor pulleys and 280mm belts. There was way too much slack for that size belt using 13t so I put 16t on instead. That’s works. I also ordered 265mm belts to see if I can still use my 13t motor pulleys as I originally intended. I also don’t want to over tax the electronics.


I kinda wanted to keep the wheel pulleys, cause I will be using enertion trucks and I’m pretty sure they’re already cut for the pulley. What I’m looking for is the info I need to get pinion pulleys in different sizes, that way I can up the gear ratio for more top speed.

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the enertion wheels are smaller than the 97mm flywheels and enertions gearing system is made for their wheels. Since you are using 97mm wheels you won’t need to worry about a different pulley size if you want higher gearing, the bigger wheel will make it faster like higher gearing would. Once you get the bigger wheels and still want higher gearing then you might want to look into getting a bigger motor pulley.

Agree that larger wheels will accomplish part of your objective. If not enough, then easy to swap out motor pulley for higher tooth count. Search the forum 20T should surface a few ny guys that did this for extremes speed results.

Yea that’s what I want. I just don’t know how to tell if a motor pulley will fit the enertion motors. I saw it has a key u put in instead of a grub screw. And I can’t find any pulleys anywhere that have that key. Will one with a grub screw work? How do I know if one will fit on enertion motors?

The enertion motors have an 8mm shaft so any motor pulley made for an 8mm shaft will fit, as for the grubs crew i would imagine that you could screw the grub screw into the keyway slot so the pulley won’t rotate when under power. Anyone else agree??

Anybody know where I can get a few pulleys that have an 8mm shaft and are bigger than 16t?