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Enertion FAQ | Can I modify my order add / remove items?

Q: My order is #1234 I ordered some things but now I need to change it. Can you please modify the order and add XYZ item. Can you also remove the ABC items? Do I save money if I don’t want the ABC part which is included in the Kit.

A: Unfortunately I wont be offering this option any longer. Mostly due to the fact my systems aren’t designed to accommodate changes, which often means I make mistakes during the picking & packing stage, which generally leads to more problems & unhappy customers getting things they decided they didn’t want. Basically I don’t have time to do the extra paper work involved to ensure your request is processed accurately & in a timely manner.

The best option if you order the wrong products is to have the order cancelled and then place a new order.

Removing products from kits is not an option.