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Enertion FAQ | SPACE Battery & Motor Power ratings

Q: Not quite sure I understand your logic concerning the space battery.You say maximum draw of 60A, also say maximum motor wattage 2400W . go on to say that it will supply a dual motor configuration for x hours.A dual, of say your motors, will be 4800W max. That is way over the max values you mention?Can I therefore use a single 6374 motor which has a max current draw of less than your dual config? Looking to use a single motor myself and am looking at the 6374 from AlienPower,rated at 3200W @ 10S.Thanks a lot if you could clear that up for me.

A: The max figures that get quoted on motors & batteries are so people know the limit before the item will blow up. Just like cars have maximum rev & speed indicators in the dash. No one ever drives the car at the indicated max.

In terms of real world usage, on your eboard, you will never reach these maximum limits… unless you design a drive train that is VERY inefficient for it intended purpose.

In most cases, when riding around on flat area, you may only use 300-500 watts with peak of around 1000 watts. Dual motors maybe a bit more then single motors. once a board is moving the power required to maintain speed is reduced. Hill climbing & starting is when you often reach peak power limits.

No one, in general, needs more power then this. Also it would be very difficult to ride a skateboard at maximum rated wattage.

In fact it is my recommendation to have a Speed Controller, like the VESC, that has current limiting so you can ensure your components are always used in a safe power rating and also to ensure your board is not too powerful. You do need to be able to stand on it when accelerating rapidly.

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