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Enertion FAQ | When will my order ship?

Your order will always ship ASAP & You will get an email once it happens with the tracking details. I will never let an order sit pending unless there is a valid reason. So if you feel the need to email me asking when your order will ship don’t be surprised if you might get a fairly blunt two word response. I apologize now for that.

The most common reasons are:

  1. There is no stock to ship (like the VESC for the last 4-5 months), this is normally clearly indicated on the product page with a shipping date. If you order multiple items and one of them is not in-stock nothing will ship until all items are in-stock. If that out of stock item takes too long to arrive I may ship the in-stock items without notice. You can also request that in-stock items be shipped first, however that will incur a fee.
  2. Your order was placed on the weekend or another day that I don’t work. As I am the only employee at enertion, if i am not at work your order won’t ship. The non work days are TUES, WED, SAT & SUN
  3. I died and my 18 month old boy has taken my place… he sucks at packing orders and replying to emails.
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Sounds like your having a crazy busy time, but I ordered a remote from you on 15th March and was wondering if they’ll get shipped out soon?

Hi Jason

I understand that you are the only employee and very busy, but still…
I have made an order 16 days ago and it is not shipped yet.
In addition, I didn’t get any response to my email I sent to you 2 days ago.
Can you please update me with expected shipping date?

Hey there, there’s a thread called enertion raptor third batch info roundup that has more info on this topic. Your probably looking at another 3 weeks at least before shipping