Enertion Focbox, am I being a dick?

@totalgeek9224 With current work load situation, I think you should remove that brackets from the word “broke” :stuck_out_tongue:

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What about my focbox I ordered 2 months ago?! :stuck_out_tongue: <3

@danggilmore Have you received it already? What is the order ID?

yeah sorry man, i understand the thought process but its 2018 and black friday is like a worldwide event… even places I wasnt thinking about buying from (or websites i didnt even really know much about) i wouldve waited and assumed there maybe some kinda deal starting on black friday…

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You’d be the best if you did! I’d buy another focbox right now! I’m not expecting anything. I think it’s really nice you already gave that guy some money back when you certainly were in the right saying no!

I want something as well lol, i asked for a refund for 14 days to be told it was already shipped on the last day i asked.

Can i get something as well?

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Sorry everyone, we can’t give discounts for previous orders other then already promised… Thank you for understanding.